Cata Arc – Chapter 4

Rhoelyn: Rhese is the first to wake up. It’s unusual enough for Nysse to sleep past sunrise that he enjoys it for a few minutes before nudging her awake.
Araatris: His kiss on her cheek is the first thing she feels, and Nysse grins lazily and rolls, reaching for him. He chuckles and says, “Wake up, lovely.”
Rhoelyn: Her eyes flutter open, quickly sobering as she remembers. “I’m awake.” She sits and stretches. Nysse’s gaze sweeps over the camp. “Time to work.”
Araatris: Rhese nods and repeats, “Time to work.” He slides to his feet and offers her a hand up, stealing one last quick kiss once she’s standing.
Rhoelyn: They join the others eating at the fire. Dorian gives them fish and a piece of fruit. “Eat first. You’ll think better with food in your stomach.”
Araatris: Kreston watches Nysse frown at the fruit for a moment before he grins and hands her back her dagger. She thanks him with a smile and slices it.
Rhoelyn: Faye waits anxiously. Rhese broaches the conversation, “The naga has a lot of captives, Dorian. What we’d like to do is free and bring them here.”
Araatris: The dwarf nods, “Aye, of course. But we hafta keep them from findin’ the island, or we’re goin’ to have a war on our hands. Ken ya do that?”
Rhoelyn: Kreston frowns and rubs his chin, “We could do groups and have them split up and take different paths. Maybe hopscotch through the caves.”
Araatris: “That sounds plausible, actually,” Rhese says thoughtfully. “I had an excuse to scout the caves around here quite thoroughly. They’re a maze.”
Rhoelyn: Faye leans in, “Can you help us plan a series of paths then? Nithan could help as well.” Nysse nods, “But we also need a plan for the mines.”
Araatris: “I can help with both,” Rhese says. “But… there’s one more thing we need to consider.” He can’t help but grimace as he tells them about the priest.
Rhoelyn: Nysse frowns, but can’t hide her worry. “How are we going to handle him if he can do that? We don’t even have any weapons except my dagger.”
Araatris: Faye speaks up. “Nithan might know a way to defend against that kind of magic. He has studied the shadow disciplines.” Aleesa glances at Dorian.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa gently speaks, “Is that a good idea? He may have to delve into the same magic and it is…” She searches for the right word, “Dangerous.”
Araatris: “I trust him to know what he is capable of,” Faye says. “We can ask him. He will tell us if the risk is too great, and we will find another way.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse bites her lip, “I don’t understand. What are the shadow disciplines? He’s a priest, isn’t he?” She looks between Faye and Aleesa.
Araatris: When the sentinel looks uncomfortable, Aleesa answers. “Within the Light, there are always shadows, my dear. They have their own power.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse still looks slightly confused, but nods. “I’m not sure why you’d study it if it’s dangerous, but it seems like a very personal choice.”
Araatris: The draenei grins. “All power has the potential to be dangerous, Nysse. It’s a question of understanding and control, even for priests.”
Rhoelyn: She ponders and finally smiles, “That’s true. Magic is like any other tool. I hope Nithan can help. I don’t know of what else we could do.”
Araatris: Rhese shrugs. “The first thing to do is ask.” He looks at Faye, and she nods. “I will do that.” “I’ll spend today scouting the mine,” says Kreston.
Rhoelyn: The young druid nods, “Then I’ll plan the paths we’ll use. Shall we meet back up here before nightfall?” Nysse murmurs, “Please be careful.”
Araatris: Rhese takes her hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze, but he looks at Dorian and Aleesa. “We need this camp to be a fortress, just in case.”
Rhoelyn: Dorian and Aleesa share a concerned look, “But lad, we don’t exactly have a lot to work with.” Nysse smiles, “You have more than you think.”
Araatris: The druid nods, his proud gaze on Nysse. “Exactly. And now you have someone who knows just how to use it.” She blushes slightly under his regard.
Rhoelyn: “I’m much more at home here. We can make some basic weapons as well.” Nysse casts her eyes down, takes a piece of fruit, and bites into it.
Araatris: “That’ll be great, lass! We’re needin’ someone who knows’er way around that.” Dorian grins and looks around the group. “All settled, then?”
Rhoelyn: Everyone nods. Shortly, Faye and Kreston head out. Nysse stands with Rhese and tugs him close. She whispers, “Come back safely, beloved.”
Araatris: He presses his forehead to hers, muttering softly. “Of course, lovely. I’ll be careful.” When she starts to pull away, he tugs her close for longer.
Rhoelyn: Despite her slightly pink cheeks, Nysse doesn’t resist. “Rhese…” She presses her cheek against his. “You should be going. We have a lot to do…”
Araatris: “I know.” He still lingers for a few more heartbeats before pulling away. “Don’t let your guard down, Nysse. The naga could know you’re here.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles gently, “I won’t. I’ll make sure everyone stays in pairs or more.” She clasps her hands behind her back. “Go on. I’ll be fine.”
Araatris: Knowing himself to be dismissed, he grins and bows. “Until tonight, love.” Rhese turns away and leaps into the raven form, winging over the beach.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa places a hand on Nysse’s arm after a few minutes of the huntress watching the sky, “Nysse, are you ready? We could use your help.”
Araatris: She finally lowers her gaze, offering the draenei a nod. “Of course. Let’s get to work.” As they walk toward the others, she ponders her plan.
Rhoelyn: Nysse glances at Aleesa curiously, “You work with nature spirits, right?” The shaman nods. The huntress purses her lips, “Can you shape rock?”
Araatris: Again, she nods. “Spirits willing, I can. Though the spirits have been a bit… hm… temperamental since the tidal wave. What do you have in mind?”
Rhoelyn: “Some tools may be needed. I can’t do everything with my dagger.” Nysse gestures to her hip, “Besides weapons, we can dig pikes into the beach.”
Araatris: “Oh, is that all?” The woman smiles. “I cannot even impress anyone with a few tools.” Nysse laughs. “I’ll find something more demanding, next.”
Rhoelyn: As they continue discussing their plans, Faye breaks the surface of the water in Nithan’s prison. She steps to the bars, quietly calling his name.
Araatris: The priest rouses from the floor of the cage when another prisoner nudges him, blinking up sleepily. He beams to see Faye, shoving to his feet.
Rhoelyn: He clasps her hands, “Faye, are you alright? How are your plans coming along?” Nithan intertwines their fingers. “I’m so happy to see you.”
Araatris: She has a certain smile that only makes an appearance for him. “I’m well, Nithan. We’re taking steps to get you all free. But we need you…”
Rhoelyn: Nithan raises his eyebrows in surprise, but smiles fondly. “Of course, I’ll do anything I can to help. However, I’m fairly limited in here.”
Araatris: She leans close, lowering her voice. “Have you ever seen a naga male who seems to be some sort of priest, my heart? Rhese said he was tattooed.”
Rhoelyn: He frowns and replies just as softly, “From a distance, but he never interacts with us. He seems like a religious leader. Is he important?”
Araatris: “He seems to be. Or at least powerful.” She passes along Rhese’s descriptions of the black eggs and the twisted deity. And his dark magic.
Rhoelyn: The priest nods, “That does fit with the shadow arts. The good news is that he can’t affect people on a large scale. It takes too much effort.”
Araatris: “That is certainly some relief.” Faye sighs, rubbing her thumb along his hand. “Is there a way individuals can defend against his power, too?”
Rhoelyn: Nithan thinks about her question as he frees one hand to brush her hair back. “I’ve never tried, Faye. In theory, but you can also try to resist.”
Araatris: She leans into his palm. “It seems that the druid found him very difficult to resist, at least. Are there no tricks that we could use against him?”
Rhoelyn: The priest grins mischievously and pulls her hand up to his lips, “Find one thing to think about and focus only on it. It’s hard to break through.”
Araatris: Faye nods, then closes her eyes and rests her forehead against the cage. “Thank you, surfal. … I want to take you from this place right now.”
Rhoelyn: Nithan looks at Faye tenderly, “I’ll be free soon, darling. We can be patient a little longer.” He caresses her cheek, “We’ll make it home.”
Araatris: What she might have said is interrupted by a whispered warning from another prisoner. Faye ducks into the shadows deeper in the cave.
Rhoelyn: The priest sits and rests against the bars. Anari and two guards splash into view. She points to five prisoners including Nithan, “Take them.”
Araatris: He frowns slightly, even as they all comply, and dares to address her. “We only just came back from the mine. Aren’t we going to get rest time?”
Rhoelyn: Anari glares, “You will rest soon enough human, but we need additional workers in the mine tonight. Unless you’d rather pay the price again…”
Araatris: Nithan raises his hands in surrender, shaking his head. “Not necessary.” Satisfied, she gestures to the guards to line them up and escort them out.
Rhoelyn: Faye clenches her fists, but manages to hold still. The guards and captives leave, but Anari pauses. Her gaze sweeps searchingly across the room.
Araatris: The naga whispers a few words of power, lighting the space, but the prisoners move quickly, blocking Faye from her line of sight. She turns away.
Rhoelyn: The female naga finally slithers back into the water. It’s a tense several minutes before Faye finally moves and murmurs a thank you to them.
Araatris: Nerves singing with impatience, she waits long minutes before slipping back into the ocean. She doesn’t notice the eyes on her as she swims away.
Rhoelyn: Kreston watches the guards at the mines from a hollow within the coral. A new batch of captives swim by and he recognizes Nithan among them.
Araatris: The man settles back a bit farther, making sure he’s not visible to the new guards as they hand over the prisoners. He can’t make out their words.
Rhoelyn: He frowns at the break in the pattern. They seem to be ramping up activity, but they still only have two guards along with one per mining shaft.
Araatris: Long minutes after all but the two guards have disappeared into the mines or swum off to who-knows-where, he glances up as a figure swims over.
Rhoelyn: He ducks into the shadows, unable to make out the form above him. The form pauses above his hiding spot and there’s a scraping above him.
Araatris: The man cringes as a clawed and webbed hand wraps around the edge of the coral a level above him, trying to press himself farther back.
Rhoelyn: The coral snaps under her grip and she peers in. She senses heat, but can’t see or feel anything. Anari frowns, an uneasy feeling settling on her.
Araatris: Growling under her breath, the naga shoves away from the coral, letting the broken piece drop down. It settles heavily by Kreston’s bare foot.
Rhoelyn: Kreston waits a long time before he moves, he squeezes out of the coral carefully. Then slips to the back of the camp before beginning his ascent.
Araatris: Nysse wipes some sweat off her brow as she drags another pike across the camp towards where Aleesa is using her magic to anchor them in the sand.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa settles Nysse’s latest pike into the sand, “How many more are you thinking?” The shaman gazes at the rosy horizon with a small frown.
Araatris: “Too many to finish before nightfall, I think.” The huntress sighs and rests for a moment beside her, mentally measuring the unprotected perimeter.
Rhoelyn: “Is it enough for now?” Aleesa watches Nysse. The night elf pushes her hair out of her face, “I don’t think that we have a choice. Let’s head back.”
Araatris: The night elf stretches as they head back to the heart of the camp. She can’t help but frown worriedly at the setting sun before glancing around.
Rhoelyn: Nysse tugs at her sweat-drenched shirt as she asks Dorian, “Have you seen any of the others yet?” Her gaze continues seeking a familiar face.
Araatris: The dwarf gestures over toward the campfire. “Kreston jes’ got back, lass. I havena seen Rhese nor Faye, yet.” He pats her back. “Ye should eat.”
Rhoelyn: She shakes her head. “I should rinse off before the sweat stiffens my shirt. Is there a place at the river that you’ve been using to clean up?”
Araatris: “Aye,” Dorian says, glancing at Aleesa. “Ye want to show her where, lassie?” The draenei grins. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, Nysse.”
Rhoelyn: They walk to a sheltered place, hidden by rocks and trees. The water moves in gentle eddies. Aleesa steps waist deep into the river and ducks under.
Araatris: Nysse kicks off her boots and slips out of her clothes with only a slight blush, laying them on the bank. She grins as she steps in the water.
Rhoelyn: She wades in until the water brushes her shoulders. “This is perfect: cool and relaxing.” She wets her hair. Aleesa nods, “It’s refreshing.”
Araatris: The huntress smiles and looks down through the clear depths, watching her toes as she nudges the sandy riverbed. Something dark catches her eye.
Rhoelyn: A familiar seal darts close and rubs up against her. Nysse giggles and reaches toward him. Aleesa raises an eyebrow and turns to the huntress.
Araatris: Rhese has the good graces to shift with his back to the shaman and his eyes on Nysse, though he grins wickedly and speaks up. “Hello, Aleesa.”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa covers her mouth to keep from laughing at Nysse’s horrified expression. “Good eve. Pardon me, I need to go tell Dorian… something.”
Araatris: The huntress sputters, glancing between her very amused mate and the other woman as she gets to shore and quickly dresses, heading back.
Rhoelyn: “Rhese! Was it necessary to chase her off?! You could have taken a different way to camp!” Her frantic gestures splash Rhese as she speaks.
Araatris: Utterly unphased, he grins and reaches out. “It was necessary. Extremely necessary.” As he tugs her close, he mutters, “I’m sure she was done.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse squeaks and flushes as she looks up, “That’s not the point, beloved.” He stops her with a kiss. “And what would be the point, lovely?”
Araatris: “S-she was…” With his warm hands against her bare back, the huntress struggles to gather her thoughts in. He grins mischievously to see it.
Rhoelyn: She squirms and tries to step back when she suddenly yelps. Distracted from Rhese, she checks her foot and then where she was stepping.
Araatris: Something smooth and round and much darker than the river’s silt peeks out from the sand. Though her foot stings as if cut, there’s no wound.
Rhoelyn: Nysse rubs at her foot before putting it down gently. Noticing Rhese’s concern, she points to the object. “It hurt when I stepped on that.”
Araatris: He looks through the water at the object, then peers closer, his frown deepening. When he pulls his tunic over his head, she blinks, blushing.
Rhoelyn: “Oh!” She steps back as he leans over in front of her. Using his shirt, he digs out and picks up the egg-like object. He shows Nysse when he stands.
Araatris: She tilts her head at the perfect, smooth onyx spheroid, finding it unsettling. “What is it?” Rhese’s brow furrows. “They’re searching for these.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse hugs herself and shudders. “We should probably take it back to camp, but it makes me feel uncomfortable. Should we try to break it?”
Araatris: His brow furrows as he considers. “I don’t like the idea of taking it back to camp. The priest made reference to ‘new children’, but… these?”
Rhoelyn: “Do you think these will hatch then? I have my dagger if you think we can kill it. It’s with my clothes…” Nysse blushes, “I should get dressed.”
Araatris: Rhese leans down to give her a regretful kiss, holding the egg away. “Yes… I suppose you should. Let’s talk to the others about it.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s gaze lingers on him for just a moment longer before she sighs. “Yes, of course…” She brushes past him as she heads to the riverbank.
Araatris: The druid ponders the egg thing as he wanders after her, replaying the encounter with the priest in his head for clues. “Three more…” he mutters.
Rhoelyn: The huntress dresses quickly. “Three more what, surfal?” She looks around, “Maybe we can find something other than your shirt to carry it.”
Araatris: As he sloshes onto shore, he answers, “They said they were searching for three more of these. They’ll need this one for whatever they’re doing.”
Rhoelyn: She finds a large leaf and holds it out, “Set it here so you can put your shirt back on. If we have this, then the others should be safe, right?”
Araatris: “That’s a good point, lovely.” He does as bidden and rolls the egg into the leaf before wringing his sodden tunic out and slipping it back on.
Rhoelyn: Shadows creep around them as the sun sets. “Let’s head back.” Nysse suggests. Rhese nods and gestures for her to lead. He follows closely.
Araatris: Still a ways beyond the camp’s new perimeter, the druid pauses. “I’ll wait here with this thing while you get the others, Nysse,” he says.
Rhoelyn: Nysse hesitates, “I’d prefer if I didn’t have to leave you alone with that. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but we haven’t had the best of luck.”
Araatris: Rhese grins a bit and sets the egg-thing on the ground. “I promise not to so much as look at it while you’re gone. No one wants another scythe.”
Rhoelyn: She smiles and giggles, “I know. I trust you. I just don’t trust our luck. Still… be careful.” Unable to resist, she steps close and kisses him.
Araatris: When she starts to pull away, he smiles warmly and whispers against her ear. Though she blushes, she also nods before turning toward camp.
Rhoelyn: Nysse leaves and bolts through the middle of camp to Aleesa and Dorian. She speaks in a low tone, “Can you come with me? We found something.”
Araatris: Before they can answer, Kreston steps up and interrupts, “Faye hasn’t come back, yet. I’m worried.” Aleesa frowns. “We can speak on the way.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress frowns, “She hasn’t?” She pushes her wet hair back. “Let’s give her a little longer. I’d like for you to see what Rhese and I found.”
Araatris: “Alright then, lass,” Dorian says, gesturing. “Lead th’way.” The three of them follow as she hurries back to where her druid waits.
Rhoelyn: Nysse holds the branch as the others step through into the clearing. “Rhese should be across the way.” She peers into the darkness. “Rhese?”
Araatris: Aleesa bends down and picks up a thick branch, whispering fire to life at its end. The evening gloom is cut by the light. “Over here.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese steps into the light. “Sorry. I wanted to stay out of sight.” He leans behind him and picks up a leaf wrapped object. “Did you fill them in?”
Araatris: Nysse nods. “Only what you told me.” Dorian speaks up, “So, we dinna know what comes outta the wee things?” “Or if anything does,” answers Rhese.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa holds out her hands, “May I? Perhaps the spirits can help us.” Rhese transfers it carefully to her. “Hold it by the leaf. It stung Nysse.”
Araatris: The shaman holds it within the cradle of her hands, the leaf protecting her skin. When she looks at it, whispering under her breath, she frowns.
Rhoelyn: “They reject it.” The draenei’s tail stiffens as she continues, “They speak of a prophecy that it will awaken a being of great power and darkness.”
Araatris: The others look at each other. Kreston grimaces. “I think we can safely say that any dark being of great power the naga want to awaken, we don’t.”
Rhoelyn: Dorian grumbles, “Fine, but what are we doin’ with it? Can we destroy it and stop them?” He peers at Aleesa with a scowl while holding the torch.
Araatris: She tilts her head, listening for a long moment. “I… I do not understand their answer. It cannot be destroyed, only… given a choice? What choice?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse purses her lips, “Perhaps the being isn’t evil. Maybe we could influence it.” At Rhese’s furrowed brow, she sighs, “It was a thought.”
Araatris: He looks at Aleesa. “Can’t they give us any more information?” After a short pause, she blinks. “Oh!” She quickly shoves the egg and leaf at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: The huntress fumbles to grab the egg, attempting to keep the leaf around it. “Ack! Careful with that, Aleesa! We probably shouldn’t touch it.”
Araatris: “It has to be you…” The woman steps back quickly as the egg shifts, cracks webbing across its surface. A blue glow shines from within it.
Rhoelyn: Nysse stares at it wide-eyed and holds her arms straight out, “What are you talking about? Why does it have to be me? Why is it hatching?!”
Araatris: Rhese rushes toward her, but Dorian grabs him with iron strength. “Leave it.” The druid pulls ineffectively. “Trust Aleesa an’ the spirits.”
Rhoelyn: The shaman gestures for her to hold the egg closer. “It chose you, Nysse.” The night elf reluctantly holds it closer as it rocks violently.
Araatris: From the egg comes a trilling, chirping sound that has something behind it that raises goosebumps on their arms. Nysse shudders as it shoves free.
Rhoelyn: She cringes as something wet splashes against her hand. “Aleesa, are you sure this is a good idea?” The egg cracks open with a forceful shake.
Araatris: She doesn’t answer as the shell falls away from the small creature. Its form is hard to grasp, and Nysse winces at a lick against her thoughts.
Rhoelyn: Tendrils grasp at her fingers as it chirps questioningly at her. Nysse forces herself to relax, “It’s okay. Nothing’s going to happen to you…”
Araatris: Beyond gentle, questing tentacles, she struggles to see it. Until it ripples like water, and she’s holding a translucent, blue-black newborn wolf pup.
Rhoelyn: Nysse pulls it close to her chest as it whines. “Shhh. It’s okay.” Her fingers gently stroke it. “I’m here. What should I call you, little one?”
Araatris: “Aleesa…!” Rhese’s tone is somewhere between worried and annoyed. Dorian still holds his arm. “What is going on?!” He frowns at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: The shaman finally answers, “She’s bonding with it. It’s imprinted on her for lack of a better word… like a baby bird.” Nysse croons at it.
Araatris: He pales, trying to tug free of Dorian’s grip. “Bonded-! We don’t know what it is. Or what it could do to her! Nysse!” He looks at her, pleading.
Rhoelyn: Nysse looks up at him with a content smile, oblivious to his distress, “Rhese, isn’t he adorable?” The dark pup squirms as she presents him.
Araatris: The druid still feels its unsettling nature, even as it shakily roots at her hand. “Nysse, it’s not a wolf. Please, just put it down!”
Rhoelyn: She frowns and cradles the pup protectively. “I can’t abandon him, Rhese! He needs someone to look after him.” Nysse steps back into Kreston.
Araatris: The man shoots Rhese a questioning look around her shoulder, but the night elf shakes his head, taking a deep breath. “Dorian, it’s okay. Let go.”
Rhoelyn: The dwarf watches him for a long moment before finally releasing Rhese’s arm. Nysse picks pieces of shell away from the pup. “There you go.”
Araatris: Stepping up to Nysse, he holds out his hands and speaks softly. “May I please hold i-… him?” At her frown, he reassures, “I won’t harm him.”
Rhoelyn: The pup whines as she relents and sets the pup gingerly in Rhese’s hands. “I still haven’t decided on a name.” She looks nervously at her druid.
Araatris: The creature shuffles around in his hands for a moment before it once again ripples. He frowns at the tiny kitten, muttering. “You don’t fool me.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse puts a hand on her hip and sighs, “Rhese Silverwing, does it matter what shape it takes? It’s a baby and better with us than the naga.”
Araatris: The druid looks at her with a weary sigh, but he strokes the creature with a finger. “Nysse, love…” He glances at the others and falls silent.
Rhoelyn: Her shoulders slump slightly. “Please give us a moment. We’ll be right back.” She motions for him to follow her out of hearing range of the others.
Araatris: Once they have relative privacy, Rhese holds the dozing kitten with one hand and takes hers with the other. “Nysse, bonding with (c)
Araatris: (c) something we don’t understand? Didn’t we already just learn a painful lesson about this? A baby monster is still a monster.” He glances at it.
Rhoelyn: She stares at the kitten, “It feels… lost.” Nysse pets it gently. “I know it’s from the egg and isn’t a normal animal. I’m not that smitten.”
Araatris: Rhese sighs and brushes his hand against her cheek. The tremor in it tells her just how worried he is. “I know you, lovely. Don’t get that smitten.”
Rhoelyn: “Rhese…” She holds his hand against her cheek. “A wolf is just a wild animal until you train them. Perhaps we can teach him to not be a monster.”
Araatris: He relents with one last sigh, leaning in to kiss her forehead. “Perhaps. We can try, love.” The little thing mewls as he hands it back.
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles, “Really? You’re okay with me keeping him then?” She takes the kitten into her hands and watches as he ripples back into a wolf.
Araatris: With a smirk, he reaches out to pet it. “Do I really have a choice?” He sobers, catching her gaze. “But Nysse, I won’t stand by if it hurts you.”
Rhoelyn: She bites her lip, “Only if it’s purposeful right? He may make mistakes like any pup or cub.” Nysse stares up at Rhese entreatingly. “Please?”
Araatris: “I’m not unreasonable, love. But if he becomes a monster and not a pet, I won’t hesitate.” He brushes her arm. “You understand, right?”
Rhoelyn: There was a pause before her head and shoulders finally drop in acceptance, “I understand.” She seems to cradle the little creature closer.
Araatris: “We should get back.” The druid watches her warmly, but worry still carves lines around his eyes. “Did you choose a name for him, yet?”
Rhoelyn: She murmurs softly, “How does Yami sound? It just feels right for him.” The wolf snuggles close and yawns, unbothered by her damp clothing.
Araatris: “Yami,” he mutters, running a finger down the little thing’s back. “Alright, then. Yami the not-a-wolf it is.” Rhese smirks. “Welcome to the pack.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse finally relaxes, “Thank you…” She glances over her shoulder, “Are you ready?” At Rhese’s nod, they rejoin the others in the clearing.
Araatris: The others are arguing when they return, Kreston’s expression thunderous. “Look, I’m telling you. I’m not asking. It’s been too long, already!”
Rhoelyn: The huntress interjects, “Yes, you’re right. If Faye isn’t back at camp, then we-,” she looks at Yami, “you and Rhese can go look for her.”
Araatris: Rhese nods. Dorian frowns and glances at Aleesa, who puts a calming hand on his arm. “Let us first ensure she’s not simply waiting by the fire.”
Rhoelyn: Kreston growls, “Fine. A quick check.” Aleesa drops her hand as he turns and stalks into the darkness. The others follow behind the sailor.
Araatris: When a thorough check of the camp and its growing number of denizens confirms that Faye has not returned, Kreston turns to Rhese. “Let’s go.”
Rhoelyn: The druid kisses Nysse’s forehead, “Eat and rest, lovely. We’ll be back soon.” Nysse smiles, “May Elune watch over you. Please be careful.”
Araatris: “Of course we will.” The druid hands Kreston his dagger and sheath, and then the two of them jog off into the darkness toward the beach.

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