Character Dictionary

This is a list of the characters in various stories listed in alphabetical order in the arc (short stories are listed after) that they first appear in.

Please be careful looking ahead as spoilers may be present in the character descriptions.

Main Characters
Nyssera ‘Nysse’ Whispersong (Female Night Elf Huntress): A quiet, young, green-haired huntress that meets Rhese in Zangarmarsh.
Rhese Silverwing (Male Night Elf Druid): A silver-haired and charming druid that works for the Cenarion Circle under Morthis and twin brother of Rhoelyn.
Rhoelyn ‘Rhoe’ Silverwing (Female Night Elf Priestess): A silver-haired and sweet night elven priestess and twin sister of Rhese.

Characters introduced in the Burning Crusade Arc
Aron Wrune (Male Human Paladin): A serious, even-mannered man with short dark hair and a neat beard and one of the leaders of the Cenarion Circle team.
Ashanderei  ‘Ash’ (Female Night Elf Druid): A quiet, young student of Verune.
Auura  (Female Tauren Druid): A student of Verune.
Calinea ‘Cal’ (Female Draenei Priestess): A business-like woman that leads one of the two Cenarion Circle teams.
Dethedrus  Madhammer (Male Dwarf Paladin): A man with hawkish features and a long, black beard that’s leader of the second Cenarion Circle team.
Evelyn  ‘Eve’ Chimerae (Female Human Fire Mage): A young, dark-haired woman that’s part of the second Cenarion Circle team.
Kaerryn (Female Human Warrior): An antagonist that was originally part of the Cenarion Circle, but now works for the Founder.
Kylene (Female Human Barmaid): A barmaid in Shattrath when Rhese and Nysse have their first date.
Maxinquay ‘Max’ (Male Human Death Knight): An undead member of the Cenarion Circle team with a foul sense of humor.
Morthis (Male Night Elf Leader): Leader of the Cenarion Circle teams.
Percival  ‘Shadow’ Wogsprocket (Male Gnome Rogue): A white-haired, google-wearing gnome that is the Cenarion Circle’s sneakiest member.
Sansea (Female Human Warlock): A young woman that was lost from the team shortly before they met Nysse. Nysse was her replacement.
Ultarn  Founderstone (Male Dwarf Warrior): A dark-haired and bearded dwarf that’s part of the second Cenarion Circle team.
Valerio ‘Val’ (Male Draenei Hunter): A grumpy, but well-meaning member of the Cenarion Circle team.
Verune Treebreeze (Male Night Elf Druid): An elder druid that researches for the Cenarion Circle and mentors Rhese.
Ysiel Windsinger (Female Night Elf Huntress): (in-game NPC) Leader of the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh, Outland and Nysse’s mentor.

Characters introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King Arc
Lila (Male Worgen Hunter): A leading female hunter of the worgen that captures them for the second time.
Morris (Male Worgen Hunter): A worgen hunter that attacks Rhese in wolf form and later captures them.
Rylana ‘Ry’ (Female Human Huntress): A young hunter that wishes to become a hunter from an anti-social village in Grizzly Hills.

Characters introduced in the Wrath of the Cataclysm Arc
Aleesa (Female Draenei Shaman): A calm, endearing woman that was shipwrecked with Dorian.
Anari (Female Naga Priestess): The naga priestess of Bal’riemon and Kalis’ apprentice.
Dorian (Male Dwarf Warrior): A productive man that’s good at organizing people.
Fayrial  ‘Faye’ Dawncrier (Female Night Elf Sentinel): The strong, enduring wife of Nithan.
Kalis (Male Naga Priest): The naga’s high priest of the Bal’riemon.
Kreston (Male Human Sailor): A practical young sailor that runs across Faye and Nysse.
Nithan Caldwell (Male Human Priest): A tall man with short, blond hair with a grouchy attitude that somehow has Faye as a wife.
Yami (Male Voidling Child): A sweet, voidling child that Nysse and Rhese take on and adopt.

Characters introduced in the Mists of Pandaria Arc
Braden Highlock (Male Human Stormwind Guard): A Stormwind guard in Jay’s command.
Davin Newell (Male Human Sailor): A love-struck, young man that’s assigned to assist Nysse and Rhoelyn on their journey.
Gaoquan (Male Pandaren Spirit-Sage): The elder pandaren at Tian Monastery.
Gingo (Male Pandaren Village Leader): The leader of the fishing village known as Sri La where Nysse and Rhoelyn make dock.
Graceful Swan (Female Pandaren Village Leader): One of two leaders in Greenstone Village.
Jay Masters (Male Human Stormwind Guard): The captain of the Stormwind guard assigned to protect Nysse and Rhoelyn.
Lana (Female Pandaren Innkeeper): Innkeeper in Sri La.
Leothir (Male Blood Elf Mage): The jerk that likes to mess with Nysse and Rhoelyn.
Mai (Female Pandaren Village Leader): One of two leaders in Greenstone Village.
Minao (Male Pandaren Cub): A friendly cub that Nysse plays with in Sri La.
Mu Lin (Male Pandaren Cloud Serpent Rider): Leader of the pandaren sent from Tian Monastery to escort Nysse and Rhoelyn and part of the Order of the Cloud Serpents; rider of Hushao.
Nataro (Male Tauren Shaman): The calm, productive member of the Horde trio.
Pela (Female Pandaren Seamstress): Seamstress in Greenstone Village.
Quaed (Male Undead Rogue): The rotting corpse that owes Rhoelyn a favor.
Ramona Craven (Female Human Stormwind Guard): A Stormwind guard in Jay’s command.
Sarah Ravenlore (Female Human Stormwind Guard): A Stormwind guard in Jay’s command.
Su Le (Female Pandaren Cloud Serpent Rider): One of the pandaren sent from Tian Monastery to escort Nysse and Rhoelyn and part of the Order of the Cloud Serpents; rider of Xiame.
Tai (Male Pandaren Monk): The Spirit-Sage’s apprentice at Tian Monastery.
Vivian Mooreland (Female Human Captain): The captain of Nysse and Rhoelyn’s ship.
Zhou (Male Pandaren Monk): A young, shy student at Tian Monastery.

Characters introduced in short stories
Celara Whispersong (Female Night Elf Sentinel): Nysse’s mother and Sarren’s wife, a practical woman that wishes her daughter would follow in her footsteps.
Fahran (Male Night Elf Caretaker): The man responsible for the twin’s care in Astranaar.
Lyranne Feathersong (Female Night Elf Caretaker): A woman who cared for Rhese and Rhoelyn in Winterspring.
Sarren Whispersong (Male Night Elf Hunter): Nysse’s father and Celara’s husband, a jovial man that loves the wilderness and raising wolves.
Thenysil (Female Night Elf Sentinel): The leader of the sentinels that took Rhese and Rhoelyn from Winterspring to Astranaar.

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