They trudged back to town, weary and dirty. While Nysse went to settle Tsume in the stable, Rhese accessed the mailbox, pulling a letter from within its pocket of magic that rang with his name. He smiled warmly when he read the sender’s name, but tucked it into his pouch.

It wasn’t until later, as Nysse relaxed in the bath and he lounged in his tunic and breeches before the fire, letting his hair drip down his back, that he reached into his pack and pulled it out.

Nysse glanced over idly, “Another assignment?”

“No,” he smiled, unfolding the letter. “It’s from Rhoelyn.”

“Oh!” With a little splash, she shifted in the bath, draping her arms over the side. “What does she say?”

“Mmmm.” He read, reporting as he went. “She says the pups are getting huge. Valerio visited, and she got an earful from him for spoiling them. She’s not sure if any of them will still be fit companions for you two after she’s had them for so long.” He chuckled and lowered the sheet to look over at Nysse. “I’m not sure she’s contrite about this, lovely.”

Nysse grimaced, rolling her eyes. “What was I thinking, leaving them with her?” As he turned back to the page, she grabbed the towel nearby and rose from her bath, wrapping it around herself.

“They may not be hunters, but she wants to assure you they are great at cuddles.” The druid’s smile sobered as he read his sister’s next words. “She says having them with her at night has been helping with the nightmares… and she asks about your own.”

He lowered the page and examined Nysse, a question in his eyes. She smiled softly and walked over to him, leaning down to press a kiss against his cheek. “I have my own wild companion to keep them away. They don’t bother me.”

Rhese smiled and reached out, crumpling the letter in his hand as he pulled her into his arms. “I’m very glad.”

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