MoP Arc – Chapter 19

Araatris: The drone of evening insects is interrupted by a snap, and arcane crackle rings through the clearing as the portal rips open. Nataro steps through.
Rhoelyn: Leothir stumbles through the portal next. He glares sullenly as Quaed steps through and it snaps shut. Nataro rumbles, “They won’t be far.”
Araatris: Holding up a hand wreathed in luminous magic symbols, the mage frowns and turns a circle. “They’re this way. Maybe about a league.”
Rhoelyn: The tauren frowns. “You said that you could get us close.” Leothir growls, “I got as close as I dared, Nataro. It’s not that far away.”
Araatris: Under his suspicious glare, Leo folds his arms across his chest. “Look, Nysse has a blighted magic wolf! Chances are, it can sense the portal.”
Rhoelyn: Quaed rasps, “Less yapping, more walking. Time isn’t on our side. Leothir, lead us.” The mage frowns, but starts walking ahead of the others.
Araatris: They walk in sullen silence for half an hour, the mage checking the tracking cantrip around his hand. Nervous, he asks Quaed, “How much longer?”
Rhoelyn: The undead frowns. “Probably another half an hour of walking. Why? Are you getting tired already, pretty boy?” Quaed smirks gruesomely.
Araatris: When Leo growls and summons fire to his hand, Nataro pointedly asks, “Have you suddenly learned chemistry, Leothir?” The sin’dorei grits his teeth.
Rhoelyn: The mage turns and continues walking. He changes topics, “I still don’t know how you managed to plant a tracker on them without them noticing.”
Araatris: Quaed snorts. “The Pandaren,” he says, smug. “Didn’t occur to him that he was a vulnerability, too. Got her dosed the same way.” Leo tenses.
Rhoelyn: “I see…” Leo falls silent, but his eyes sweep the area. After another quarter of an hour, Quaed halts them. “Do you remember the plan?”
Araatris: Nataro nods, impatient. “I will disable the Pandaren before he can be alerted and cause trouble. Quaed takes out the huntress. Leothir-”
Rhoelyn: The sin’dorei snaps, “I know my part. I’ll get Rhoelyn.” He clenches his fists. “How long before she’ll start having withdrawal symptoms?”
Araatris: “Probably soon.” Though his brow furrows a bit, the rogue shrugs. “Depends on when she drank it. She’s smaller, so it won’t take long.”
Rhoelyn: Leothir frowns. “Give me the stuff to ease the symptoms. It’ll slow me down if I have to carry her.” Quaed shakes his head. “After. Deal with it.”
Araatris: The mage sighs. “Fine. Let’s hurry.” He checks the tracker once more, the glow of the sigils lighting his worried face in the darkness.
Rhoelyn: They inch forward quietly. Leo cuts his magic as voices cut through the night. Nysse worriedly asks, “Rhoe, you look pale. Are you alright?”
Araatris: At Quaed’s gesture, Nataro breaks away, circling toward the far side of the pool of firelight. “I… don’t know.” The priestess’ voice is thready.
Rhoelyn: The rogue catches Leothir’s wrist. Looking at Quaed, watches him mouth, “Keep your mind on the goal.” The mage frowns, but nods. Quaed releases him.
Araatris: Mu Lin releases the dragons to fly and hunt while Nysse takes her sister’s elbow, settling her by the fire. “You’re shaking,” she says.
Rhoelyn: The huntress presses her hand against Rhoelyn’s forehead. “You’re sweating, but I don’t see a fever…” She tucks the priestess against her side.
Araatris: Resting against her, Rhoe closes her eyes with a grimace and says, “I felt odd before, but now I simply feel… bad.” She clenches Nysse’s hand.
Rhoelyn: Nysse suddenly tenses as Korran yawns and pads around camp. “Don’t worry, sister. Let me hunt for dinner. It’ll help.” She gestures at Mu Lin.
Araatris: The priestess nods and releases her. “O-of course, Nysse. Hunt well.” She tucks her cloak around herself, clutching the vial in her sleeve.
Rhoelyn: Nysse kisses Rhoelyn on the forehead. “Thank you.” She looks up at the Pandaren. “Mu Lin, is everything ready as we discussed?” He nods. “Yes.”
Araatris: Quaed slips closer, shadowing Nysse as she shoulders her bow and clicks at Korran. He shoots Leo a final intense look before he’s out of sight.
Rhoelyn: Leothir stays in the shadows as he grasps a tree branch. A large shape appears on the tree line behind Mu Lin. Leo’s knuckles turn white.
Araatris: There’s a telling thump before the Pandaren’s form crumples, and Rhoelyn lifts her head. “Mu Lin?” As she stands, the mage rushes out.
Rhoelyn: Leo wraps an arm around the priestess and murmurs, “Quickly! With me. Don’t ask any questions.” He half lifts her from where she sits.
Araatris: When he gets her to her feet, she balks. “N-no! I-” The mage lifts her, ignoring her gasp. “Please, princess. You’re only going to get sicker.”
Rhoelyn: The mage tucks her against his chest and hurries into the woods. “Quaed gave you a drug, Rhoelyn. This is the only way to get the antidote.”
Araatris: “Leo, stop,” she says it calmly enough that she gets his attention. “I’m not letting you drag me to Orgrimmar in a lahni haze. Put me down, now.”
Rhoelyn: Carefully and with much confusion, Leothir does as she requests. “You know what he did?” He cups her cheek and searches her eyes worriedly.
Araatris: “Of course.” She looks up just long enough for him to see the pain in her eyes, feel how cool her cheek is, before she pulls away. “I must go.”
Rhoelyn: Leothir shakes his head. “If you’ve been drugged, then it’s only going to get worse, princess. They’ve already–” Quaed’s shout interrupts him.
Araatris: She glances in the direction of his shout before turning back toward the camp. “I must go!” she repeats, rushing off toward where Mu Lin was.
Rhoelyn: Leothir bolts after her with a panicked groan. Despite being only a few steps behind her, Mu Lin is already stirring when he enters the clearing.
Araatris: The priestess blinks in the darkness after the glow of her magic fades. “Where is-” Her words are obscured by a snarl in the nearby trees.
Rhoelyn: Throwing up a fire shield, Leothir leaps forward. “Nataro, you can’t inj-” “YOU! I told Quaed that we couldn’t trust you.” “Nataro, it’s not-”
Araatris: A savage gust of wind sucks the air from the blood elf’s lungs, and he chokes, his shield dissolving with his concentration. The shaman lunges.
Rhoelyn: “No more! I’m done with this… and you.” The tauren’s large hand wraps around his neck, raising him from the ground. Leothir gasps for air.
Araatris: “Stop!” Rhoelyn cries out, but it’s Mu Lin who moves, striking quickly and precisely at pressure points on Nataro’s arm. He staggers back.
Rhoelyn: The sin’dorei drops heavily to the ground, wheezing. Mu Lin does not let up, but immediately strikes the other arm that swings up protectively.
Araatris: The serpent rider strikes a pair of points in his side and Nataro sinks to his knees, bellowing his frustration. “No! Our cause is noble!”
Rhoelyn: Mu Lin frowns and rumbles evenly, “And I am sure that Garrosh believes his cause is noble as well. Believing it does not make it so, Nataro.”
Araatris: “Do not dare to-” The Tauren struggles to his hooves only for his legs to fail once more. “-to pretend you know anything about that warmonger.”
Rhoelyn: Mu Lin sits in front of him and crosses his legs. “But I know you. We have spoken many times. Does the end justify the means, my friend?”
Araatris: Rhoelyn slips away while Nataro’s attention is on the Pandaren, leaving Leothir healing slowly. He coughs and shoves himself to his feet.
Rhoelyn: Leo stumbles after the priestess. Deeper in the woods, Nysse darts behind a tree to avoid Quaed’s darts and fires a tar trap around the other side.
Araatris: The rogue growls as he leaps back, tar splattering up his leg. “This is getting old, girl. You’re alone by now. Just give up.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse grins, but she darts forward, leading him further away from the camp. “Perhaps, but shouldn’t you be concerned now? It’s two to one.”
Araatris: Quaed grins savagely. “You’re nothing special, but it might be fun to add a ghost wolf to my kill list.” He rushes toward her, tossing a few spines.
Rhoelyn: The huntress tumbles and rolls back to her feet. “I think your aim is getting worse.” Korran throws himself at Quaed’s side, snapping and snarling.
Araatris: “You’re a barrel of laughs, girl.” He doesn’t laugh, slashing a dagger that somehow appeared in his hand at Korran. He grunts as he stumbles back.
Rhoelyn: The wolf retreats back into the woods and away from Quaed’s dagger. “Glad to see you appreciate something.” Her gaze flickers upwards.
Araatris: “I appreciate plenty. Like a more appreciative victim.” He reverses and lunges after Korran, slashing at the spectral wolf’s face. “C’mere, pup.”
Rhoelyn: “Now you’re just chasing ghosts.” She steps out and fires a couple in succession. She backs away slowly and Korran makes his way to her.
Araatris: Quaed cries out as an arrow slices across his shoulder. He harries Korran with barely a stumble. “I want to know if spectral wolves bleed.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse draws her dagger as he steps forward and slashes across the trunk. Something whooshes down from the trees towards the undead rogue.
Araatris: Quaed looks up just in time for the weighted net to fall over him, and Nysse darts forward, kicking the dagger from his grip. She grins. “Yield.”
Rhoelyn: He glares at her from under its confines. “What good will it do you to capture me, girl? They’re already far away with Rhoelyn by now.”
Araatris: “Not so very far, really,” the priestess says softly, standing by one of the trees off to the side. Leo rests his hand on her back when she sways.
Rhoelyn: Nysse glances at her. “If you’re here then Nataro’s subdued.” She frowns slightly at Leothir before turning her gaze to Quaed. “Again. Yield.”
Araatris: The undead growls, clenching his fists in the tangled net. His rheumy gaze goes back to Nysse. “You think you’ve won. It’s no victory, stopping us.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress sighs. “Quaed, you’re an idiot. I’m going to report and see what we can do, but I’m not going to let you sacrifice my sister.”
Araatris: Leothir leaves the priestess leaning against the tree and approaches his former teammate. “Look, don’t stab me. We’ll find a different way.”
Rhoelyn: The rogue rasps, “What the hell is wrong with you, Leothir? I thought we’d taken care of the sha corruption. You’re chasing the wrong skirt.”
Araatris: Leo glances at Nysse apologetically. “I’m not corrupted, Quaed. I thought I was willing to pay a life for revenge. But I’m not.”
Rhoelyn: Quaed growls, “We already discussed this. There’s no other options. We tried that. I don’t like it either, but it’s her or hundreds of others.”
Araatris: “Then… I choose her.” The blood elf rakes a hand through his hair. “I have to believe that Garrosh will be stopped another way. By someone else.”
Rhoelyn: The undead sighs, “So be it, but Nataro may not see it the same way. Come closer, I need to ask you something.” He gestures for Leo to approach.
Araatris: Although he does as asked, he watches the rogue warily, reminding him, “I really would rather you didn’t stab me. Just so we’re completely clear.”
Rhoelyn: “I’m not going to stab you, idiot. Come here.” Quaed pulls him down, whispering. “Would you feel this strongly if it was anyone else?”
Araatris: Again, the mage rakes a hand through his hair, as he whispers back. “I honestly don’t know. But I’d like to think so. I don’t want to become him.”
Rhoelyn: Scowling, Quaed searches his face. “Fine, but I still have one more thing. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t stab you for chasing her skirt.”
Araatris: Leothir flicks a glance over at the priestess, lowering his voice even more. “Look, Quaed, I think you already know she’s something… golden.”
Rhoelyn: “Exactly my point, pretty boy. I’ve seen your way with women before. How is this different?” He gestures subtlety at Nysse. “You were chasing her.”
Araatris: He blushes to the tips of his ears, mumbling, “I got angry that Nysse wasn’t interested, and then Rhoelyn… It just got all blown out of proportion. (c)
Araatris: (c) Are we really analyzing my love life, right now? You know we’re probably all going to rot in some Alliance cell for a long time, after this.”
Rhoelyn: Quaed nods and leans back. “Cuff me if you want, girl. I yield.” Nysse narrows her eyes. “No tricks? You all were talking for a little too long.”
Araatris: The rogue snorts. He looks at Leothir with a wicked grin. “You never know. Wanna tell her all about our tricky, conniving conversation, Leo?”
Rhoelyn: Leo flushes again and shakes his head. “No, I’ll even shackle him.” He reaches in the net and grabs the shackles. “Do you want me shackled, too?”
Araatris: Nysse frowns and glances over at Rhoelyn, but the priestess doesn’t meet her eyes. “Yes,” she decides. “We need our hearth stone and the curative.”
Rhoelyn: “Quaed.” The rogue silently hands both items to Leothir. The mage briefly passes his magic over it and it lights up. He holds them to Nysse.
Araatris: As the huntress takes them both, Rhoelyn calls to Korran. The spirit wolf lets her rest a hand on his shoulder while she approaches the trio.
Rhoelyn: The sin’dorei briefly glances at Rhoelyn, then down at his hands as he clamps the shackles on them. Nysse pulls the weighted net off Quaed.
Araatris: “Leothir,” she orders, “take his weapons.” Quaed growls. “You want ‘em bad enough, you take ‘em, girl.” Nysse ignores him to turn to Rhoelyn.
Rhoelyn: Nysse presses the vial into Rhoelyn’s hand. “Are you holding up, sister?” She brushes her hair back. Behind her Leo gathers Quaed’s weapons.
Araatris: “Yes, Nysse.” Her voice is thin and her smile threadbare. “Mu Lin will need shackles for Nataro, as well.” Rhoelyn uncorks it and sniffs the vial.
Rhoelyn: The huntress nods. “I’ll get them while you check that.” Nysse turns to Leothir’s questioning gaze. “What do you want me to do with these daggers?”
Araatris: The huntress unties a leather sack from her belt and tosses it to him without a word. The sin’dorei nods and hands her the last pair of shackles.
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn tastes the vial and finally drinks it. Nysse picks up the weapons. “Let’s go. No sudden movements, boys, or you’ll be pincushions.”
Araatris: “Leothir,” Rhoelyn says softly. When the mage looks at her questioningly, she gestures to his belt, refusing to meet his eyes. “The sword as well…”
Rhoelyn: He nods and hands the empty hilt to Nysse. She drops it in the bag. Leothir waits for the others to move ahead before offering Rhoe his arm.
Araatris: The priestess hesitates, but she releases Korran with a tender pat before taking his arm. He frowns at the tremor in her hand and pulls her closer.
Rhoelyn: Worriedly, the blood elf covers her hand with his other and murmurs, “Walk as slow as you need, princess. Is there anything else that I can do?”
Araatris: “This is enough, thank you,” she answers softly, watching Nysse’s back ahead of them. “It will take a little time for the symptoms to ease.”
Rhoelyn: He nods and supports her as they enter the camp. Nataro still sits, glaring. “I will not-” Nysse snaps, “You don’t get a choice, Nataro.”
Araatris: Mu Lin stands and watches the shaman as she approaches with the shackles. “It is time to yield, my friend. Do not force us to make you.”
Rhoelyn: The tauren looks to the impassive Quaed, then to Leothir at Rhoelyn’s side. Seeing no support from either, he holds out his hands, growling.
Araatris: He’s silent as Nysse snaps the shackles around his wrists, his nostrils flared angrily. She plucks his heavy mace and his totem pouch from him.
Rhoelyn: Leothir leads Rhoelyn to the fire and carefully kneels as she sits. Keeping her hand, he mumbles, “Do you want me to stay with you, Rhoelyn?”
Araatris: The priestess shakes her head, closing her eyes, but he’s spared from what she might say when a serpent dragon settles overhead in a gust of wind.
Rhoelyn: “Nysse!” Jay slides down from the dragon. “We came as soon as we could, but…,” he glances at the shackled trio, “you seem to have it handled.”
Araatris: The huntress grins. “You’re a little late, but still welcome. Everything went off without a hitch.” She greets the other two guards as well.
Rhoelyn: “It feels like forever. Should we push on tonight?” The huntress glances at Rhoelyn, only to frown when she notices Leothir next to her.
Araatris: Glancing at Nysse, the priestess nods. “We should go. It will be nice to get back to the monastery.” Leo frowns, still clutching her hand. “Bu-”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn squeezes his hand and shakes her head slightly at Leo. “You’ll want to check the Hearthstone when we get back as well, sister.”
Araatris: The other night elf nods, but she narrows her eyes at Leothir. “Jay, will you and your team please get these three onto the dragons?”
Rhoelyn: Leothir grimaces, but stands with one more worried look at Rhoelyn. He offers himself to Jay. “Point me to a dragon. I’ll get on myself.”
Araatris: As the soldiers take over the prisoners, Nysse goes over to take Leo’s place by her sister. She brushes Rhoelyn’s hair back. “You did well.”
Rhoelyn: “Thank you, sister.” Rhoelyn smiles at Nysse. “Would you mind if I rested on the way back to Tian? This has taken more out of me than I thought.”
Araatris: The huntress hugs her gently. “Of course I won’t. Are you starting to feel any better?” The smaller night elf nods. “Yes. I’m simply a bit worn.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse kisses Rhoelyn’s temple and helps her stand. “Let’s get mounted so you can get settled and rest.” She guides and helps her on the dragon.
Araatris: All of them are soon secured and the simple camp erased. As the dragons rise into the air, Leothir looks over his shoulder at the sisters.
Rhoelyn: Nysse cradles the wan Rhoelyn against her shoulder, the priestess’ eyes closing. The young night elf meets Leothir’s gaze with a scowl.

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