MoP Arc – Chapter 3

Rhoelyn: “Do you think we’ll make it to Greenstone Village before dusk?” Nysse asks. Tsume ranges ahead. Rhoelyn twists around. “It’s beautiful here.”
Araatris: Mu Lin nods at Nysse. “Perhaps by mid-day, provided we keep moving.” He smirks as Rhoelyn hops down from the cart to examine something else.
Rhoelyn: Laughing, Nysse shakes her head. “Then it’ll definitely be dusk. I hope that’s not a problem.” She watches Rhoelyn pick a plant and examine it.
Araatris: The Pandaren winces. “Our hosts will be disappointed if they cannot greet us with a proper meal. We really should keep stops to a minimum.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse pats his shoulder. “I’ll get her.” The huntress joins Rhoelyn and speaks softly, “We should keep moving. You almost ready to go again?”
Araatris: “Oh.” Rhoe looks up from the plant to find everyone watching her expectantly. She blushes and looks back at Nysse. “Yes, of course. I’ll… sit.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles takes her hand, tugging her back to the wagon. “How about you point out to me anything you want to see and I’ll bring it over.”
Araatris: The smaller woman follows obediently, smiling despite her embarrassment. “I can be good, really. I’ll look without touching as much as possible.”
Rhoelyn: “The offer stands, Rhoe. Mu Lin said we could make it as early as mid-day if we keep moving.” Tsume jumps in the cart after Rhoe and lays down.
Araatris: That earns her a warm smile. “Thank you, sister. I’ll tell you if I see something I simply -must- touch.” She giggles and snuggles against Tsume.
Rhoelyn: The huntress scratches Tsume’s ears before joining Mu Lin at the front. “She’s settled in.” The pandaren nods and gestures to start moving again.
Araatris: By the time they reach the edge of the village nestled in the bamboo and tree forest, Rhoe and Tsume doze amidst a dozen leaves, feathers and nuts.
Rhoelyn: Nysse glances back with a wry grin. “Looks like we made it in time. It only took wolf cuddles and a lot of running. I should wake her…”
Araatris: Mu Lin grins. “I think someone else wants that duty, huntress.” He clocks a furry thumb at Davin, inching his way unsubtly toward the wagon.
Rhoelyn: Muffling her laugh, Nysse comments, “It’s all his.” Davin leans down over the edge of the wagon and calls softly, “Miss? Miss Rhoelyn, we’re here.”
Araatris: The priestess stirs, blinking open her eyes and giving him a sleepy smile. “Oh, hello, Davin. I fell asleep.” He straightens, blushing. “Yes, ma’am.”
Rhoelyn: “W-We’re at Greenstone Village and I didn’t want you to miss it, ma’am.” The sailor swallows nervously as Rhoelyn sits up. “Thank you, Davin.”
Araatris: “You’re gorgeou-WELCOME! Y-y-you’re welcome!” The sailor turns an impossible shade of red and beats a hasty retreat, leaving Rhoe blinking.
Rhoelyn: Nysse blushes sympathetically and wanders to Rhoelyn. “Did you have a refreshing nap?” Rhoelyn smiles at Nysse. “Yes, it was very restful, sister.”
Araatris: She yawns and pats Tsume before hopping down. “I appreciate the chance. I hardly slept, last night. My thoughts were scattered and racing.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress picks leaves off Rhoelyn’s shoulder. “Racing? Are you that excited?” She whistles for Tsume who buries her head under her paws.
Araatris: “I am very excited, but it’s not just that.” Rhoe grins at Tsume and ruffles her fur. “There’s something about this place, Nysse. It… hums.”
Rhoelyn: Tsume huffs happily and they head to the front of the group. “I’ve not noticed, but you’re more sensitive than I am. Is it bothersome?”
Araatris: The priestess shakes her head, brushing at her robe. “No. Only when I slept. It’s more… electrifying. My heart wants to pound when I focus on it.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse examines her with a critical eye, noting two more pandaren walking up to them. “Let’s talk about it tonight. You need to be able to rest.”
Araatris: Rhoelyn nods at her before turning her attention to the newcomers. She steps forward, her smile firmly in place, as Mu Lin greets their hosts.
Rhoelyn: The huntress steps into place a step behind and to the side of Rhoelyn. She bows at the same time as the priestess. Mu Lin gestures and introduces, (c)
Rhoelyn: “It is my pleasure to introduce Rhoelyn Silverwing, their ambassador, Nyssera Whispersong, her guardian…” He continues for the rest of the entourage.
Araatris: The Pandaren across from him assess them, especially the two night elves. The smaller woman steps forward. “I am Mai and this is Graceful Swan.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn smiles, “I am pleased to make your acquaintance.” Mai replies, “It is our honor that you would share our table. Please follow us.”
Araatris: Mu Lin and Su Le share a displeased look that doesn’t escape either night elf’s attention. The wary tension in their hosts is palpable.
Rhoelyn: They are led to an outdoor table. There is a simple meal laid out, small in comparison to the Sri La. Mai gestures towards one bench. “Please sit.”
Araatris: As the party does, Rhoelyn glances around, noting the fresh gouges and scorch marks on the otherwise beautiful and well-cared-for buildings.
Rhoelyn: “This is such a lovely meal. Thank you. It’s perfect for after our travels.” Rhoelyn compliments. “I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.”
Araatris: Graceful Swan smiles. “You are too kind. Please, enjoy. Your stomachs should be heavy and your hearts light after a long journey.”
Rhoelyn: Tsume bounds over and lays under Nysse’s feet. The huntress bows her head. “Yes, thank you.” She waits for Rhoelyn to take the first bite.
Araatris: Surprisingly adept after observing breakfast yesterday, the priestess picks up her chopsticks and manages to serve dishes for both sides.
Rhoelyn: As everyone digs in, Nysse fumbles with her own chopsticks. Her cheeks flush as as her meal sits untouched at the strangely quiet table.
Araatris: Rhoe quietly pulls a fork from a pocket in her gown and slides it over while she says, “I understand your village is famous for its jade mine.”
Rhoelyn: Still blushing, Nysse uses the fork instead. Mai nods, refilling Jay’s drink. “That’s right. We supply the jade for the statues further south.”
Araatris: “And your artisans do a lot of the initial carving here, don’t they?” Mai and Swan exchange an unreadable look. “No, less often, of late.”
Rhoelyn: The priestess tilts her head and asks between bites, “That’s a shame. I was really hoping that I could see some of the in progress work.”
Araatris: Mu Lin speaks up. “I was not aware that the masons had stopped working here in Greenstone. Do you not have an entire district for them?”
Rhoelyn: The Pandaren share another look before the Swan nods. Mai sighs, “We’ve been under attack for weeks. We had to abandon the artist district.”
Araatris: Nysse leans in, frowning and setting down a fork full of noodles. “Under attack? By who?” “We call them puckish sprites,” Mai admits.
Rhoelyn: “What do you usually do to get rid of them? Is it something we could help with?” Nysse eyes shine with undisguised excitement. “We’d be happy to.”
Araatris: When Mai looks embarrassed, Rhoelyn chimes in, “My guardians have discovered that I neither get in nor cause trouble. They are quite bored.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress protests, “Rhoe… I just want to help.” Rhoelyn pats her hand. “I know you do, sister, but you and Tsume need to stretch your legs.”
Araatris: She turns her smile on the villagers. “We can do each other a favor if you’ll permit us to help.” Graceful Swan frowns. “They’re violent creatures.”
Rhoelyn: Though Rhoe’s voice is soft, it’s firm. “Nysse, Tsume, and the others are quite capable. Please give us a chance to show you what we can do.”
Araatris: The two women look at each other before Mai turns back and gives them a nod. “After we eat, we can show you the way to the mason’s quarter.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoe smiles and gently squeezes Nysse’s hand under the table. “Of course. We can’t let this delicious meal go to waste.” Nysse nods,grinning.
Araatris: With new enthusiasm and quite a bit of the ice broken, the conversation becomes more lively while they finish their meal. “Oh, nothing compares.”
Rhoelyn: “They’re that good?” Rhoelyn queries. Swan grins broadly. “Their latest project was a jade serpent taller than this building. It’s quite a sight.”
Araatris: “I can only imagine the artistry and talent required for a statue that grand,” the priestess declares, nursing her tea at the end of the meal.
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn puts a hand on Nysse’s bouncing knee. At her look, Nysse grins sheepishly and stills. Swan gives her an amused look. “Are you that excited?”
Araatris: The huntress blushes and scratches her cheek. “We spent a long time on the ship. I’m looking forward to a little exercise. And so is Tsume.”
Rhoelyn: Swan slides off the bench. “I’m done if you’d like to start before the others.” Nysse hesitates, “Are you sure? I’d hate to cut your meal short.”
Araatris: Jay frowns and glances at the state of his team’s plates. “With all due respect, Nysse, you shouldn’t go without us. It’s an unnecessary risk.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse visibly droops and mumbles, “Oh. I should probably stay then.” She offers up a tiny smile to Swan. “Maybe in a few more minutes.”
Araatris: Biting back an amused grin, Rhoelyn reaches out and pats Nysse’s arm. “A little patience, sister. Perhaps you and Tsume want to stretch, first?”
Rhoelyn: The younger night elf leans over and whispers, “Do I have to go over commands or can we roughhouse? I feel like everything I do is being judged…”
Araatris: Equally quietly, Rhoelyn smirks and answers, “Welcome to diplomacy… Take a few steps outside the village and roughhouse to your heart’s content.”
Rhoelyn: The tension eases out of Nysse’s shoulders. More loudly, she replies, “That’s a good idea. I think I will.” She stands and clicks at Tsume.
Araatris: Smiling, the little priestess waves after her. “Enjoy. We’ll come get you as soon as everyone is ready to go to the mason’s district, sister.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress jogs down the path with Tsume in tow. Rhoelyn turns back to Mai and speaks after sipping her tea, “Thank you for the delicious meal.”
Araatris: “We only wish we could be more generous. Our village has not been especially prosperous since the jademasons had to stop working.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn waves off Mai’s embarrassment. “It is the quality not the quality that counts. It was full of companionship and enjoyment.”
Araatris: She continues with a smile. “And I hope we can thank you in a way that helps restore that prosperity. I am curious about something, though.”
Rhoelyn: At Mai’s nod, the priestess continues, “Why didn’t you mention it when we arrived? We would have understood.” The pandaren glances at Mu Lin.
Araatris: “It… should be a Pandaren problem, not one for guests to be concerned with,” Mai sighs. “We sent word to the Shado-pan, but they are overwhelmed.”
Rhoelyn: After a long moment, Rhoelyn nods. “We are much the same way. May I ask why these Shado-pan are overwhelmed that they can’t help you?”
Araatris: Mai exchanges a look with Swan and the two serpent riders. It’s Mu Lin who speaks. “Pandaria is a more troubled land in recent months.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn blinks and makes a tiny exclamation, “Oh! I didn’t realize. The little bit we’d seen was so peaceful. What could be disturbing you?”
Araatris: “As ever, we deal with the troublesome hozen and the unpredictable jinyu,” the red-furred man explains, “but now also the mantid and the sha.”
Rhoelyn: Frowning, the priestess tilts her head. “I’m sorry, but those are unfamiliar to me. Are those creatures like the vermin or a group of people?”
Araatris: Mu Lin pulls an unpleasant face. “They are mostly people of a sort, though the sha are… something -other-. It is difficult to explain.”
Rhoelyn: “Would you please try? I’d like to understand.” She leans forward, leaning her forearms on the table. Mu Lin considers her request before nodding.
Araatris: “The sha are…” He taps his finger on his mug for a moment, considering. “… they are evil spirits that seem to be seeping up from the land.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn frowns. “Do you mean that they are taking physical form like some undead?” Mu Lin shakes his head. “They’re not those kind of spirits.”
Araatris: After another pause, he continues, “They are more like monsters that take shape and attack people. I have not dealt with them first-hand.”
Rhoelyn: Nodding, Rhoelyn smiles. “Well, I’m sure that your Shado-pan are quite capable. I hope that it never reaches here. I’m sure sprites are enough.”
Araatris: “Speaking of which, miss,” Jay speaks up, leaning in, “Nysse is waiting on us. We’re ready to go when you are.” Rhoe blinks, “Oh, of course.”
Rhoelyn: “I’ll go get her and meet you all at the mason’s district.” Mai shakes her head. “We’ll join you. It’ll be better to show you all at once.”
Araatris: “If that’s what you wish,” the priestess nods, getting to her feet. They make their way after Nysse and Tsume, Rhoelyn quiet as she looks around.
Rhoelyn: Damage is more evident in this part of the town. It looks like they’ve recovered broken crates. In the distance, there’s a shout, “Tsume, hunt!”
Araatris: “Is this… Did she go to the mason’s district ahead of us?” Rhoelyn frowns and looks at Mai. The Pandaren points along the path. “It is not far.”
Rhoelyn: As they get closer, the young woman giggles as she tosses something in the the street. Tsume pounces on it. “I should teach you fetch, Tsume.”
Araatris: Smiling with no small amount of relief, the priestess waves as the group approaches. “Nysse! I apologize we took a while. We were talking.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse grins and shakes her head. “It gave me some time with Tsu-.” The wolf runs back with the stick, knocking the huntress onto her butt. “Tsume!”
Araatris: The group chuckles at their antics, and Nysse blushes, shoving at Tsume as she tries to get back up. Rhoe giggles, but clicks for the wolf.
Rhoelyn: The wolf licks Nysse before padding to Rhoelyn and looking up expectantly. Nysse sits with a wry grin. “It seems she decided the stick was boring.”
Araatris: Kneeling down to ruffle Tsume’s fur, the little priestess grins. “Shall we give her something more exciting to do, then?” She looks at Mai.
Rhoelyn: Mai nods, “I’d be interested to see what you can do. This way please.” Nysse hops to her feet and slips her bow off her shoulder. Tsume follows.
Araatris: “This should be fun,” Rhoelyn says to no one in particular. “Compared to undead and worgen and demons and more, puckish sprites sound quite cute.”

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