MoP Arc – Chapter 5

Araatris: “That was sloppy, Quaed.” The deep voice rumbles from the shadows of the shallow cave. Grimacing, the rotting rogue pulls back his cowl and mask.
Rhoelyn: His gravelly voice is harsh to the ears, “How was I to know those sprites of theirs had damaged the ladder? I’m sure they didn’t catch a good look.”
Araatris: “Nevertheless. It’s unlike you to be detected at all.” The third person steps into the moonlight, his golden hair and long, pale ears bright.
Rhoelyn: The rogue growls and waves a bony hand. “Are you planning to continue to question my skills or ask me for the information that you wanted?”
Araatris: The sin’dorei smirks. “The information, if you please.” His accomplice rasps, “The guards are standard Stormwind issue. Not too sharp. Not too dull.”
Rhoelyn: “The interesting parties are the two night elves. One seems like a civilian, but the other had a bow. Likely well trained in it from her reactions.”
Araatris: “Hmph.” The Tauren stomps free from the cave as well, stretching his back out with relief. “If we do our jobs well, we will not have to face her.”
Rhoelyn: The blood elf tugs on a lock of hair. “That’s well and good, Nataro, but you’re talking the best case scenario. We should plan for the worst.”
Araatris: “Agreed,” Quaed rasps. “The ambassador is clearly the civilian. The others were protective of her. Worst case, we fight four guards and the elf.”
Rhoelyn: Nataro nods, “Then let us plan around that as Leothir suggested.” He gazes at them with narrowed eyes. “We can leave nothing to chance.”
**Araatris** Rhoelyn steeples her fingers in front of her lips, drinking in a blushing Nysse in her new gown with a smile. The rosy dawn light halos them both.
Rhoelyn: The huntress looks away, “Does it look alright? Do you think Rhese will like it?” She tugs at the dress attempting to adjust it nervously.
Araatris: “Rhese will adore it.” The smaller woman steps up, brushing the fabric back into place after her fidgets. She has tears in her eyes. “Thank you.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse mumbles, “You’re welcome.” She rubs at her red cheek and smiles shyly. “I… should probably change into my gear. They’re waiting on us.”
Araatris: The priestess nods. “Of course.” She continues talking as she looks out the window. “When we get back, I’ll send her some kal’dorei silks.”
Rhoelyn: Slipping behind the screen, Nysse replies, “I think that’d be really nice.” She changes quickly, returning with the dress draped over her arm.
Araatris: As she takes the dress and packs it, Rhoe says, “I know you only endured this for my sake, Nysse. Not just the dresses, but the mission.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse turns to Rhoe and takes her hands. “This is good for me. I admit that I feel a bit out of place, but it’s worth it to be with my sister.”
Araatris: The priestess smiles and squeezes her hands. “I am glad you think so. I promise no more dress shopping.” She glances over at a knock on the door.
Rhoelyn: Chuckling, Nysse smiles at the other night elf. “We are being fetched. It’s a lovely dress, Rhoe. Thank you.” She steps away and opens the door.
Araatris: “Good morning, ma’am.” Davin smiles at Nysse for half a second before glancing past her. “I’m here for the luggage, if you’re ready an’ all.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress grins and steps aside. “Perfect timing actually. We just finished packing. Didn’t we, Rhoe?” She gestures for him to enter.
Araatris: “Yes, we did.” The other night elf gives him a friendly smile as he hefts the trunk. “Is everyone else ready?” “Aye, miss.” He pauses, staring.
Rhoelyn: Clearing her throat, Nysse interrupts the moment, “We should head out. Mu Lin said it’ll be a long day to get there since we have to circle around.”
Araatris: The sailor coughs, heading out the door. “I’ll have this loaded in a jiff, ma’am.” Rhoelyn steps up beside her, blushing. “He’s getting worse.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse whispers, “You realize he’s going to try and ask you out at this rate, right?” The huntress rests a hand on her shoulder. “Come on.”
Araatris: The priestess only blushes deeper, muttering after her as Nysse steps into the hallway, “T-that is not a funny joke.” She follows, biting her lip.
Rhoelyn: The huntress clears her throat again. “No, it wasn’t.” She asks. “Are you looking forward to seeing Tian Monastery? He said it was huge.”
Araatris: Rhoelyn nods, waving a greeting to the guards. “Oh, yes. You never saw the Sri La shrine, but Mu Lin says the monastery’s even more beautiful.”
Rhoelyn: “Then I’m looking forward to it.” Nysse grins as they exit the building. “Would you like your wagon spot? You seemed to enjoy it last time.”
Araatris: “I’d prefer to walk a bit, if you don’t mind.” The priestess yawns and stretches. “Maybe it will help me feel a bit more awake.” She smirks.
Rhoelyn: Laughing, Nysse nods. “Walk as much as you like.” They join Mu Lin who’s talking to Swan and Mai. “Good morning to you.” She covers a yawn.
Araatris: The Pandaren greet them with friendly smiles, and Mu Lin holds up a basket. “Our gracious hosts send us off with a meal for the road.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s grin broadens. “I can’t thank you all enough. You’ve been wonderful.” Rhoelyn bows. “I agree. Thank you for your hospitality.”
Araatris: The two villagers bow, pressing their fists into their palms. “What you have done for this village far exceeds what little we have given. We are honored.”
Rhoelyn: It’s Nysse’s turn to blush and she reaches for Tsume who brushes against her leg. “It was our pleasure really. We enjoy helping others out.”
Araatris: Mai says, “If all of your Alliance is like your party, then Pandaria’s choice should be simple.” The night elves smile. “We hope it will be.”
Rhoelyn: They bow once more before they part ways. The young huntress questions, “Is there a reason why the path winds around instead of straight?”
Araatris: Mu Lin chuckles. “The monks claim it is because life itself is not straightforward, but it is more likely because the mountain is steep on this side.”
Rhoelyn: “I like the monk’s answer. It feels purposeful.” Rhoelyn smiles. “Life isn’t straightforward. It’s full of wonderful surprises and adventures.”
Araatris: Su Le chimes in as they walk. “That is a surprisingly huojin sentiment for such a tushui person.” She smiles in amusement at the priestess.
Rhoelyn: Rhoe laughs. “I prefer my adventures with less conflict than my sister. One doesn’t seem to exclude the other. It’s more of an… inclination.”
Rhoelyn: “Even though my sister prefers the thrill of adventure, I’ve never seen her happier than at home surrounded by her pack, her wolves and family.”
Araatris: The serpent rider baldly shows her surprise before breaking in to a wide smile. “You understand our ways better than I gave you credit for.”
Rhoelyn: Blushing, Rhoelyn eyes shimmer happily. “Thank you, Su Le. I really can’t wait to learn more. Your culture is so wonderfully fascinating!”
Araatris: The Pandaren regards her thoughtfully. “The politic words of an ambassador, perhaps, but your sincerity is unmistakable.” “Su Le!” Mu Lin scolds.
Rhoelyn: The small night elf nods. “It’s fine, Mu Lin. I wouldn’t have been chosen if I didn’t have a way with words. There’s no harm in speaking the truth.”
Araatris: She continues, grinning, “It’s fortunate that I am sincere in my interest, as I am an admittedly poor liar.” Nysse snorts. “Really, really bad…”
Rhoelyn: Su Le chuckles. “Why do I feel there’s a story behind that?” Rhoelyn blushes, “I was caught giving treats to the wolves when they were away…”
Araatris: “You should have seen her attempt to deny it,” her sister laughs. “She couldn’t even look me in the eye, let alone keep a straight face.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn giggles, “They were such good company that I couldn’t resist! I miss them.” Nysse grins, “Me too, but I think Tsume needs a break from pups.”
Araatris: The wolf sidles over when Rhoe clicks at her, earning herself a scratch behind the ears. “Yes. She gets bored when she can’t hunt with you, sister.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles tenderly at Tsume. “I know. I’m glad she’s here.” She glances at the amused Pandaren and blushes. “Tsume’s been with me a long time.”
Araatris: Mu Lin nods. “She is impressive, huntress. I observed her as you fought, and her skillful training is clear. How many pups has she born?”
Rhoelyn: “Thank you.” Nysse glows with pride. “She’s had twelve pups. All of them now have homes with hunters of their own.”
Araatris: “Ah! A matron indeed, and her children strengthen your community. This is something we wish for when Pandaren cubs are born. A blessing we invoke.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress blushes. “T-that’s a nice blessing. Thank you. I enjoyed meeting the children at Sri La. We don’t have…” She bites her lip.
Araatris: Rhoelyn rests a hand on her sister’s arm. “Our people don’t have many children, in general. It is a rare treat for us to get time near your cubs.”
Rhoelyn: “Very much so. It really makes me wish Yami could have come…” Nysse smiles. Mu Lin and Su Le share a look, obviously startled by the thought.
Araatris: “That.. that’s your void fiend pet, correct?” Rhoe winces as Nysse’s expression darkens. “No, no. I don’t think I gave you the right idea at all.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse takes a deep breath and looks away. “Yami is a voidling, but he has been our son since the day he was born regardless. He is not my… pet.”
Araatris: The two exchange another look at least as startled as the first. After a moment to absorb that, Mu Lin scratches at his cheek uncomfortably.
Rhoelyn: Mu Lin gently probes, “I’m not sure that I understand.” The huntress sighs, “Yami looks like a night elven boy. He acts and learns like any child.”
Araatris: The serpent rider blinks. “You… meant son literally?” Nysse nods. “He’s our child in every way but blood. We don’t care what his origins are.”
Rhoelyn: Mu Lin bows as much as he can and still walk. “My apologies for the offense. I am sure that he is a blessing and joy to you.” Su Le bows as well.
Araatris: The night elves both smile. Nysse says, “He is. I’m glad you understand, now.” Rhoelyn adds, “Nysse and my brother have raised a sweet boy.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress squeaks, “Awww Rhoe!” Su Le relaxes and grins. “If he’s anything like his mother, I think I’d have to agree.” Nysse ducks her head.
Araatris: Laughing, the smaller night elf wraps her arm around Nysse’s shoulders and gives her a squeeze. She teases, “You have them fooled, sister.”
Rhoelyn: Rubbing at her red cheek, she smiles shyly at her sister. “Neither you nor Rhese can help teasing me. Yet, I can rarely manage to do the same.”
Araatris: The Pandaren chuckle as Rhoelyn grins. “Give yourself another decade under Rhese’s tutelage. I’m sure you will catch up.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse giggles. “You know better than that. Rhese gets more suave and clever every year, but maybe… I’ll be able to hold my own. Just a little.”
Araatris: Su Le laughs. “Poor dear. Pandaren are excellent jokesters. Shall I take you under my paw while we walk?” She places said paw on Nysse’s shoulder.
Rhoelyn: “Really? I’d love a chance to get to tease him.” Nysse gazes at Su Le hopefully. The pandaren grins. “Of course. Why don’t you tell me about him?”
Araatris: Rhoelyn grins warmly and slows her pace. “This is my cue to leave you to your lessons, I believe. And I see a plant I want to examine. Excuse me.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress spins and walks backward. “Jay, would you mind keeping Rhoe company?” Jay shakes his head. “I don’t mind at all, Miss.”
Araatris: “Take care of her, Su Le.” The priestess grins and obediently waits for Jay to catch up before leading him off the edge of the road.
Rhoelyn: They spend several hours in discussion and exploration along the road. Mid-day finds Rhoe sorting through herb samples in the back of the wagon.
Araatris: “Smell this one, Tsume.” The wolf sniffs the offered leaf and promptly sneezes, earning a giggle. “I know! It’s got a scent like goat feet.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse covers her face. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re torturing Tsume. Why would you offer it to anyone if it smells like goat feet?”
Araatris: The priestess yawns while offering it to her. “It’s an amusing smell for a plant. You try.” Nysse snorts. “As much as I love goat feet, no thanks.”
Rhoelyn: “Why don’t you take a doze? You’re still not used to the day schedule.” The huntress reaches into the wagon and pats Tsume. “She’s a good pillow.”
Araatris: Rhoe waves a hand before using it to cover another yawn. She sets to work putting her boots back on. “She is, but I don’t wish to sleep.”
Rhoelyn: Shaking her head, the huntress grins wryly. “Maybe, but your yawns beg to differ. It took me awhile to get used to it, too.” She hides her own yawn.
Araatris: Rhoelyn grins and pats her second boot into place before hopping down from the cart. Tsume follows. “We both must be more stubborn than our yawns.”
Rhoelyn: “Alwa-” Nysse catches sight of movement. A quick glance at Tsume doesn’t reveal any alarm there, but she frowns into the woods anyway.
Araatris: “… sister?” The priestess tilts her head, glancing back at the milling soldiers as she approaches Nysse. “Is something wrong?”
Rhoelyn: Sighing, Nysse shakes her head. “I don’t think so. It must have been a wild animal.” She gestures to the wolf. “She’s not reacting either.”
Araatris: “Maybe you should be the one to rest. At least I’ve been riding in the wagon.” Rhoe places a gentle hand on Nysse’s arm. “You could ride.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress bites her lip, reluctantly pondering the suggestion. “I really shouldn’t. I’m your guardian. I can’t do that if I’m sleeping.”
Araatris: Smiling, the priestess gestures at the Pandaren and the four guards trailing behind the cart, chatting quietly. “You are not my only guardian.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse chuckles. “Alright. I’ll rest.” She climbs into the wagon, then curls up hugging Tsume and resting against her plush fur sleepily.
Araatris: “Dream well, sister,” Rhoe mutters, watching her eyes drift closed. Lulled by the rumble of the wagon’s wheels and Tsume’s warmth, she sleeps.
Rhoelyn: Davin wanders up beside Rhoelyn. “M-miss, I found these and thought that you might like them.” He holds out a small bundle of flowers nervously.
**Araatris** Though a blush spreads from her cheeks to the tips of her ears, Rhoelyn smiles in honest delight. “Oh, they’re very lovely. Thank you, Davin.”
Rhoelyn: “You’re very welcome, miss. They…,” he hesitates, “They reminded me of you.” He blushes as well. “Please let me know if you need anything.”
Araatris: The priestess takes the flowers, biting her lip and looking at them as he turns to walk away. “W-wait. Davin, we… we should talk for a moment.”
Rhoelyn: He swallows nervously. “O-of course, miss. Whatever you’d like.” He busies himself straightening his tunic. “W-what would you like to talk about?”
Araatris: She glances at the guards and their Pandaren hosts before heading toward the trees. “Walk with me, please. I… I think privacy is in order.”
Rhoelyn: Davin’s expression is a mixture of worry and hope as he follows her. He wipes his sweaty palms on his breeches. He waits for Rhoe to speak.
Araatris: They stroll quietly for a while, staying parallel to the road in the shade. Rhoe hesitates. “You… you should correct me if I’m wrong, but…”
Rhoelyn: “B-but what, miss?” He risks a glance in her direction. Rhoelyn looks at the ground, softly asking, “Are you… interested in me? Romantically…?”
Araatris: The sailor gulps and musters up the courage to say, “Miss Rhoelyn, y-you’re probably the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen. And the kindest.”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn blushes even brighter than before. “While that is very sweet of you, Davin… I’m afraid that I can’t accept your feelings.” She smiles remorsefully at him. “I’m very sorry.”
Araatris: The expression he makes has her wincing, but when he starts to draw breath to speak, it turns into a gasp, his eyes going wide with sightless shock.
Rhoelyn: “Davin? Davin! What’s wrong?” Her eyes search for any physical injury and her hands are already glowing when she reaches toward him.
Araatris: As the sailor pitches forward, she catches him, his weight forcing her to her knees. “Priest,” rasps a rough voice by her ear. “Should’ve guessed.”
Rhoelyn: A rotting hand covers her mouth and nose with a piece of cloth. “Sorry, but we can’t take any chances.” Her vision swims as she struggles.
Araatris: The priestess’s flailing slows as her eyes flutter closed. Shoving the unconscious human away from her, Quaed lifts her limp form. “Time t-”
Rhoelyn: Tsume snarls and snaps at the undead rogue. “What are you all doing? Sleeping?!” Nataro waves a hand and the rock rises up pinning the wolf.
Araatris: “Go.” The Tauren stomps forward as a pair of keening whistles sound. “The huntress w-” He knocks aside the elven arrow with a gust of wind.
Rhoelyn: “Rhoelyn!” Nysse circles around towards her sister, a ghostly wolf darting ahead of her. “Let her go!” She flings another arrow at Nataro.
Araatris: The shaman tosses down a totem that whips up a wild gale around them. A blood elf comes in to view, Arcane magic rippling in the air beside him.
Rhoelyn: The huntress gestures toward Leothir and the wolf splits off. “Korran, distract him!” The blood elf complains, “You didn’t mention wolves, Quaed.”
Araatris: “Surprise,” he rasps, shifting Rhoe over his shoulder as he sprints for the portal. “Guards!” Nysse shouts, dropping to try to get a shot through.
Rhoelyn: Her arrow flies true, but passes easily through the undead’s flesh. She leaps back to her feet when a large hand grabs the back of her cloak.
Araatris: Nysse yanks the clasp, leaving Nataro with her cloak as she dodges away. As two of the guards rush up behind him, she sprints after Quaed.
Rhoelyn: The tauren knocks away the guards with another totem. “Hurry up,” Quaed growls. Leothir appears next to the rogue and grins, “As you command.”
Araatris: With a crackle like sharp thunder, the aperture rips open. Through it, Nysse can see more grey stone mountains and a green plain. Quaed leaps.
Rhoelyn: The huntress rushes at him, intending to knock them away from the portal. Korran frees Tsume as Leothir mutters and waves his hand at Nysse.
Araatris: The mage blasts Nysse with an arctic wind, throwing off her leap. She catches Rhoelyn’s sleeve for an instant before they are through the portal.
Rhoelyn: The fabric slips through her fingers. On the other side, she hits the ground and rolls across the grass limply. The tauren and elf join them.
Araatris: “Well, that c- WHOA!” Leothir stumbles back as Tsume leaps through the portal in the instant before it blinks closed, snapping at his face.
Rhoelyn: The wolf freezes in ice as he flings his hands up to protect himself. Another motion and he appears several yards away. “…could have been worse.”
Araatris: “Could have been better, too,” the undead rogue grumps, his voice gravelly. The priestess draped over his shoulder, he stares down at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: Nataro blows some powder at Tsume and the wolf slumps in the ice. Quaed frowns. “What are we going to do with her? Is she worth taking?”
Araatris: The other two step up beside him. “It depends on who she is, I suppose.” Leothir crouches and brushes her green hair away from her face.
Rhoelyn: The night elf moves suddenly, grabbing his wrist and cracking him against the jaw with her other fist. She snarls, “How dare you touch me!”
Araatris: Leothir catches himself, his head whipping to the side as Nysse scampers back. He wipes blood from the corner of his mouth with a chuckle.
**Rheolyn:** Her eyes dart around as he smiles. Leothir grins and comments, “I like her attitude. Nataro, could you please make the lady comfortable?”
Araatris: The huntress tries to dodge away, but the Tauren snags her arm with one big fist and grasps her armor with the other, lifting her off her feet.
Rhoelyn: Struggling, Nysse curses fluently. Nataro orders, “Stay still, elf. We must decide your fate.” Quaed grouses, “As if that will make her stop.”
Araatris: Predictably, she does not stop, but the nimble hands of the Tauren still manage to divest her of her bow and quiver. She only curses louder.
Rhoelyn: They wait a few minutes until she’s hoarse and gasping for breath. The blood elf smiles. “Now we can discuss business. Who are you, my lady?”
Araatris: Though she glares, she croaks out, “My name is Nyssera Whispersong.” “Mm,” he taps his chin thoughtfully. “Not a name I’ve heard before.”
Rhoelyn: “Perhaps you’ve heard of Rhese Silverwing. He won’t take kindly to you kidnapping his mate and sister… if you survive.” Nysse smiles grimly.
Araatris: The sin’dorei frowns. “Silverwing, Silverwing…” Quaed narrows his eyes at Nysse and reminds him, “The druid who nearly cost us Tol Barad.”
Rhoelyn: “Seriously?! Out of all the ones…” Leothir pinches the bridge of his nose. “Lady, your mate gave us quite a headache.” Nysse gazes smugly.
Araatris: “Need the sister, but killing the mate would be no small revenge,” the rogue points out. “That’s pointless without him here,” Nataro argues.
Rhoelyn: Nysse attempts to shift and the tauren’s grip tightens. She counters hoarsely, “Then keep me around. He’s sure to come looking for us.”
Araatris: The three exchange a silent look before Leothir grins. “Bait for a bigger prize, huh?” Quaed unceremoniously dumps Rhoe to the ground. “It works.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress winces as the small night elf hits the soil. “Why do you need her?” Quaed searches through his backpack and pulls out shackles.
Araatris: “Hmph,” the rogue rasps. “Not gonna monolog-” “She’s going to earn us into the big guy’s good graces, lady,” the blood elf grins when Quaed glares.
Rhoelyn: Blinking, Nysse looks up at Nataro. “I’m assuming you’re not talking about him. How-” “Enough yapping.” Quaed snaps the cuffs on Rhoe’s wrists.
Araatris: The undead rogue rolls her to her back and pauses, blinking. Her hair has fallen free of the braids in the chaos, and he frowns, staring at her.
Rhoelyn: Nataro notices Quaed’s frown and asks, “Is something wrong, Quaed?” Nysse’s brow furrows in worry, watching them. “Rhoe’s okay, isn’t she?”
Araatris: Grumbling something under his breath, he looks up and mutters, “Shut up. She’s fine.” He approaches Nysse with the second set of shackles.
Rhoelyn: With an unsettled look, the huntress cringes away as best she can in the air. She flinches when the rogue snaps the cuffs around her wrists.
Araatris: The mage waves a hand, and the ice holding Tsume dissolves. “So, my rotting friend, did you pack a muzzle as well? Should we kill it?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse lunges, putting her feet against Nataro for purchase. “No! Please don’t!” Her eyes are wild and frantic and her chest starts glowing.
Araatris: The Tauren tugs Nysse against him, clamping an arm around her to pin her struggles. “Hush. We won’t kill her.” His glare spears the other two.
Rhoelyn: The glow fades as she sags tiredly against his arm. Quaed rasps, “I’ll make a rope muzzle. Figure out how to stop her from summoning the other.”
Araatris: The rogue grabs rope while Leothir steps forward and considers Nysse, his arm folded across his chest and his fingers tapping his narrow chin.
Rhoelyn: He holds out a glowing hand and pauses as she glares at him. “Nataro, can you makes sure you have a tight grip on our lady? I think she bites.”
Araatris: The Tauren rumbles a chuckle that Nysse feels in his chest as he squeezes her tighter. Feeling better, Leothir grabs and enchants her chains.
Rhoelyn: He crosses his arms and huffs, “That should do it. What do you have against me anyway? I don’t see you kicking Nataro and he’s touching you.”
Araatris: Though her cheeks flush slightly, she scowls and grumbles, “I’d kick him if I thought it would do any good. Why don’t you suggest a weak spot?”
Rhoelyn: Leothir laughs. “And give you a chance to bite me? I think not. You might be cute, but you’re every bit as wild as your wolf.” Her cheeks darken.
Araatris: Quaed interrupts by stepping up beside them and leaning down to pick up Rhoelyn. He’s noticeably more gentle with her. “Get ‘em loaded.”
Rhoelyn: Nataro nods and tosses Nysse across his shoulder. “Stay still and I will get your wolf.” The huntress mumbles, “My wolf… Her name is Tsume…”
Araatris: He acknowledges that with a nod and walks over to the wolf. Nysse grunts as he jostles her in the process of draping Tsume over his other shoulder.
Rhoelyn: Carrying them over to a cart, he lays them in it. Nysse shifts to have Tsume across her lap and checks on Rhoelyn. The tauren reinforces, “Stay.”
Araatris: Before she can do more than make sure her sister is still breathing, the undead steps up, brazenly patting his hands around the priestess’ waist.
Rhoelyn: Nysse snarls, “Get your filthy hands off of her, undead.” She pulls Rhoelyn close, trying to block him. “Have one of the others check if you need.”
Araatris: The hair on the back of her neck stands up at his chuckle. “One of those, are you? This will be fun, then.” He sneers and grabs for her instead.
Rhoelyn: Nysse pales before cringing away and shrieking when he grabs her arm. She sobs and tugs at her arm violently. “No no no no! Let go! Let go!”
Araatris: The sin’dorei laughs as she panics, and Quaed refuses to release her, yanking her closer to the edge of the wagon so he can reach her belt.
Rhoelyn: The huntress gasps for air as tears streak her cheeks, “Please! No more!” She twists painfully around Rhoelyn to avoid his other hand.
Araatris: “Quaed.” Leothir steps up, resting a hand on the rogue’s arm. “As amusing as this is, we’re after stealth. Allow me. My touch agrees with the lady.”
Rhoelyn: The undead snorts, but releases her. “Fine.” Nysse bawls like a child. Leothir pats her head. “Hush now. The mean undead has gone away.”
Araatris: “That was spiteful,” Nataro points out in a matter-of-fact rumble. The rogue grins darkly. “Damn right it was. Felt great.” Nataro sighs at him.
Rhoelyn: Nysse sniffles, “I don’t care that he’s mean. Max can be a jerk, too. Papa always told me scary stories… I freaked when I saw my first one.”
Araatris: “He is unsightly, isn’t he?” the sin’dorei coos, gently easing her away from Rhoe, “Don’t you fret, my lady.” He reaches for her belt pouches.
Rhoelyn: She squeaks and pulls back. “What are you doing?” Leothir smiles. “I need to check your pouches. I won’t do anything else.” Nysse frowns.
Araatris: As he reaches out and starts patting around her waist and opening up her pouches, the golden blood elf leans close. “Unless you wanted me to…”
Rhoelyn: The huntress blushes angrily. “Like I’d want that. I have a mate.” Leothir grins as he straightens, something in his hand. “What do we have here?”
Araatris: Nataro peers over his shoulder. “That is an interesting hearth stone.” The blood elf examines it before handing it to his companion. “Isn’t it?”
Rhoelyn: “It’s a hearth stone. What’s interesting about it? I’m sure you all have some of your own.” Nysse shifts, making her companions comfortable.
Araatris: The two of them mostly ignore her. “Tracking cantrip?” Nataro asks. The blood elf nods. “It’s bound to the stone’s owner.” He looks at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: Nysse sighs and rubs her face. “Yes, I’m tracked. It’s how Rhese will find us if we don’t check in or show up when we’re supposed to.”
Araatris: Leothir grins. “Well, aren’t you convenient bait, my lady? When we’re ready, we just call him.” He takes the stone back, hands glowing. “Don’t-!”
Rhoelyn: She starts to lunge forward, but stops short as a bony arm blocks her. Quaed grins as she shudders and looks away. The stone is engulfed in magic.
Araatris: “There we are.” The mage flips the stone to Quaed, who catches it and tucks it in a pocket under his cuirass. “No more tracking until I say so.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress bites her lip. Quaed rasps, “Let’s go. We’ve wasted enough time thanks to the change in plans.” The others nod and they head out.

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