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BfA Arc – Epilogue

Epilogue: The Gift of Home **Rhoelyn:** Leothir looks down at the table and then back up. “No, take it to your other left. Where is Nysse? She and Rhoelyn should have been back by now.” **Araatris:** Rhese and Relare strain together with the wooden archway, shifting it slowly. The druid grits out, “I’m sure they’ll […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The End is the Beginning **Rhoelyn:** The priestess blinks in confusion, staring up at the canopied bed. “I… wha? Where am I?” She winces at the burning sensation through her body. **Araatris:** As she curls on her side, cringing, the moonlight catches her attention, and she looks up at the huge windows throwing […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Anchor the Lost **Rhoelyn:** Nysse dozes fitfully, holding Rhoelyn in her arms. Rhese murmurs to Kaerryn. “She’s getting worse more quickly that I thought. This is bad.” **Araatris:** The human, sober and sad, watches the two sisters, pausing as she sharpens her sword. “The healers here are trying.” The druid scrubs his face. […]