WoD Arc – Chapter 13

Araatris: With the morning sun still low and breakfast in full swing at the mess hall, Rhese scratches at the flap to Wrune’s tent, tired and impatient.
Rhoelyn: The paladin opens the tent flap, dark circles under his eyes. “Good morning, Rhese.” He gives a worn smile. “I thought you’d be resting.”
Araatris: Offering him a small grin in return, the false sin’dorei says, “From the look of you, we could both use some. But first I need to speak with you.”
Rhoelyn: Wrune steps aside. “Come in and have a seat. I hope something’s not wrong. Rylana told me she was with Nyssera all night.” Rhese ducks in.
Araatris: When the paladin gestures him to one of the chairs around a tidy little table, Rhese shakes his head, too agitated to sit. “Everything is wrong.”
Rhoelyn: Frowning, Aron sits down and scratches his cheek. “You’re going to bear with me, Rhese. What’s wrong? Did you find something last night?”
Araatris: The disguised druid stills, watching him for a moment before he makes his decision. “I followed you when you snuck out of camp, last night.”
Rhoelyn: The paladin leans forward in his seat and stares sharply at the blood elf in front of him. “You’re here, so what is your plan now that you know?”
Araatris: Waving a dismissive hand, Rhese says, “Don’t be alarmed. I didn’t come here as your enemy. I need to see Aleesa. Nysse and I need to see Aleesa.”
Rhoelyn: Wrune frowns and shakes his head. “Rhese, do you have any idea what you’re asking? Aleesa doesn’t just speak with anyone. It’s too risky.”
Araatris: The druid resumes his agitated pacing. “There has to be a way. We know-… Look, you know this is wrong. Some things aren’t what they should be.”
Rhoelyn: The paladin pushes to his feet and rests his hand on Rhese’s shoulder. “If it’s that important to you, we can… take Nysse on a run tonight.”
Araatris: Rhese stops under his touch and nods. “Yes. Tonight. You need to do something about Rylana, so she doesn’t get suspicious. Does she know?”
Rhoelyn: Aron grimaces. “She does, but… maybe she should come with us. She is Nyssera’s guard. I’ve been wanting her to meet them.”
Araatris: Despite his frown, the druid considers that for a moment. “I suppose it’s better than making some excuse to leave her behind. She’s trustworthy?”
Rhoelyn: The human nods. “Yes, my daughter is trustworthy. I’ll make preparations today and plan for Nysse’s run for after dinner. Now, can we both rest?”
Araatris: Rhese breathes a sigh of relief, his shoulders rounding as he nods. “Yes. Thank you.” Wrune pats his shoulder one last time before releasing him.
Araatris: The druid pauses before he pulls back the tent flap, glancing back. “You know… you seem familiar, too. We were supposed to be something different.”
Rhoelyn: The paladin sighs and nods. “Perhaps you’re right. We’ll see what we find out.” Rhese nods one more time and pushes out of the tent flap.
Araatris: Leo stumbles back just before the disguised sin’dorei crashes right into him. “Whoa!” Relare chuckles as he steadies his brother. “In a hurry?”
Rhoelyn: The druid grins charmingly. “Of course, my dear girl is waiting for me. I hate to keep her waiting, but, still, I should have watched my step.”
Araatris: “No harm,” Leothir grins, tugging his tunic to straighten it. “Are you really in such a rush? I was looking for you. You hid all day, yesterday.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese chuckles. “Well, yesterday was the gift. It really couldn’t be helped. I wouldn’t mind grabbing a bite to eat before I rest. Are you hungry?”
Araatris: It’s Relare who answers. “Perfect. We were just heading to the mess for breakfast. Join us, won’t you?” His brother grins happily and nods.
Rhoelyn: “Of course! It would be my pleasure.” The druid steps in beside them on their path. “It’s good to see you again, Relare. I trust you traveled well?”
Araatris: The commander nods. “I did. Thank you. I can only stay until the afternoon, but Bahr needed my … experience on some matters. He’s close.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese gestures for them to enter the mess. “That’s good to hear. I hope that I can be of more use in the coming days.” They fill their plates.
Araatris: Leothir picks a table and says as they settle, “I’m sure you can, my friend. I imagine there will be plenty to do when the main camp moves.”
Rhoelyn: Both of Rhese’s eyebrows raise in surprise as he forks into an egg. “My my. I didn’t realize that it was that close. Will you all be moving here?”
Araatris: Relare nods. “If everything goes to plan, with Leothir’s help, Bahr will be ready in the next pair of days. We’ll move the main camp immediately.”
Rhoelyn: “Would Nyssera be able to help with the move? She’s been very restless. I caught her teaching the pup this morning.” The druid shakes his head.
Araatris: “Certainly.” Relare gestures with his knife. “I’ll be able to keep her busy. Would you like me to take her back with me, this afternoon?”
Rhoelyn: Rhese grins ruefully. “I’d like to send her tomorrow if it’s not too much trouble. I need to burn off some of her excess energy first.”
Araatris: Leothir snorts and chokes on his food, coughing. The druid smacks his back. “Why is your mind always in the bedchamber? Running! She needs to run.”
Rhoelyn: Relare chuckles. “I’m sorry. My brother has a bit of a one-track mind. That’s an excellent idea. The fresh air would do her good.” Leo grumbles.
Araatris: Around another mouthful of food, Rhese grins. “She’s very much looking forward to it. She has an abundance of energy to match her appetite.”
Rhoelyn: The mage chokes again and Rhese rolls his eyes and hits his back. “Really, Leo?” Leothir laughs. “It’s not my fault. It’s not like you were quiet.”
Araatris: With his cheeks pinkening, the supposed rogue glances away and changes the subject. “Will you be helping Bahr with his work, again, today?”
Rhoelyn: Leothir nods. “I will, but I’ll see you for dinner.” Relare gestures with a slice of bread. “May I stop by to check on Nyssera before you sleep?”
Araatris: “Aah… Certainly, though you’ll have to give me a moment to … verify her state.” Rhese silences Leo with a smirk. “She was sleeping when I left.”
Rhoelyn: Smiling, Relare nods. “Yes, of course. Then she is sleeping well? I was worried after the attack on her. She seems…” He searches for the word.
Araatris: “… sensitive?” Rhese supplies. Leo coughs and slams his spoon on the table, resting his head on the wood. “Now you’re just doing it on purpose.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese grins mischievously. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Leo. My girl is a sensitive soul.” Relare silently laughs behind his hand.
Araatris: “That’s it,” the mage grouches. “I’m ‘porting home while you move the camp. You two make me miss my flower.” Despite his light tone, he looks sad.
Rhoelyn: Relare grips his shoulder. “Remember that you’re doing all of this for her, brother. The sooner this war is over, the sooner you can see her again.”
Araatris: Leo sighs. “So, no porting?” Relare smirks. “No porting.” Chuckling at the two of them, Rhese comments, “You could bring her here if it’s that bad.”
Rhoelyn: The mage shakes his head and smiles wistfully. “Alas, she is far too gentle. She wouldn’t cope with the realities as well as Faye or Nyssera.”
Araatris: Rhese nods and claps a hand on the shoulder Relare hasn’t already claimed. “When all this is over, then. Look forward to your hero’s welcome.”
Rhoelyn: “The sooner, the better. I really can’t wait to see her again.” Leothir blinks down at their empty plates. “And here we are keeping you from yours.”
Araatris: His smile is only a little bit teasing as the false sin’dorei looks at Relare. “He has it bad, all right.” The other elf grins as Leo shushes him.
Rhoelyn: Relare shifts his seat back and stands. “Well, let us not hold you up much longer. You’re looking rather ragged, Rhese.” The other two join him.
Araatris: The druid nods, stifling a yawn. “Thank you for the company. I’ll rest. Relare, perhaps you’d stop by to see Nyssera later, before you leave?”
Rhoelyn: “Yes, that will work well. I’ll see my brother settled into his task,” Relare offers. Rhese grins. “Perfect.” The disguised druid heads to his tent.
Araatris: When scratching at the tent flap produces no response, the druid lets himself in. Nysse and Yami sleep, still, cuddled on the cot. He smiles.
Rhoelyn: He strides over and kicks off his boots. Nysse murmurs groggily, “Please tell me you’re coming back to bed.” Rhese chuckles, “I am, lovely.”
Araatris: His yawn is wide and long as he climbs into bed with them both. Yami, still a boy, shifts to roll away from his min’da and snuggle into his chest.
Rhoelyn: Rhese strokes Yami’s hair as they settle into sleep. Hours later they wake to scratching at the tent flap. “Rhese?” Relare’s voice carries.
Araatris: The druid stirs groggily, shifting his form immediately. He nudges Nysse with one arm while he leans down to whisper to Yami. “Alei. Wolf.”
Rhoelyn: The boy shifts quickly into the familiar pup and Nysse sits up on the cot. Rhese assesses them before standing and calling out. “Come in, Relare.”
Araatris: Smiling, the commander steps in and lets the tent flap closed behind him. “Thank you. I wanted to greet you before I go back to the main camp.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese grins. “Thank you.” The false sin’dorei holds out his hand to Nysse. “Relare wished to come and check on you himself, my dear.”
Araatris: Nysse allows him to help her out of bed, smiling shyly. “Thank you, R- sir. I’m much better. Having Ry to guard me helps a lot. She’s sweet.”
Rhoelyn: “I’m glad that she gives you comfort.” Relare glances at the pup. “Rhese said he was going to take you out on a run. Will you take Rhesan?”
Araatris: The smile she levels on the pup is no less than adoring. “I’d like to. If he has trouble keeping up, then maybe he can ride with Rhese on Vorok.”
Rhoelyn: The druid nods. “Of course he can, but we’ll see what he can do first.” Relare chuckles. “That’s good. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it as well.”
Araatris: The wolf sidles up to Relare and sniffs at his boot for a moment before glancing back at Nysse. At her tiny nod, he whines and begs to come up.
Rhoelyn: Relare picks up the small wolf. “Hello Rhes-” The pup starts licking his face vigorously, yipping. The commander laughs and tucks him into his arms.
Araatris: His parents smile to watch them. The sin’dorei says, “Come, now, pup. It’s difficult to look like the dignified commander with you slobbering me.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse giggles. “He likes you.” Relare ruffles the pup’s head. “I’m sure he’s an excellent pup and he’ll grow up nice and strong like Vorok.”
Araatris: “Thank you,” the huntress says softly. “He’s very special.” Yami protests as the paladin hands him back to his mother. “I’d best be off.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress cradles Yami close as he whines. “Thank you so much for stopping by.” Rhese smiles and nods. “Safe travels. We’ll see you again soon.”
Araatris: “Yes, I’d say that is a safe bet.” With a charming wink, the blood elf turns to go, his chuckle trailing him. Yami whines and looks at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: She kisses his head. “I know.” Nysse sighs and sits back on the bed. “What would you like to do now? We have a couple of hours until dinner.”
Araatris: The druid’s grin is a slow crawl across his lips as he and saunters over, releasing the sin’dorei form. “I’m not sure I’m done with the bed.”
Rhoelyn: A blush blossoms across Nysse’s cheeks and she quickly sets Yami on his bed. “Y-yami, why don’t you just s-stay here and sleep for a moment…”
Araatris: As the pup huffs, settling in his bed, Rhese wraps his arms around Nysse and leans down for a long, slow kiss. “… raght! Relare told me ta- AGH!”
Rhoelyn: Rhese shifts into the pale skinned elf and drawls to Rylana’s back. “Sergeant, it is still courtesy to ask before entering, is it not? What is it?”
Araatris: “S-sorry. Relare jus’ left, an ah f- figured… Uh… ah coulda sworn-” “Sergeant,” the druid snaps, tensing. “You are intruding. Your business?”
Rhoelyn: Rylana’s shoulders droop. “R-relare wanted me ta tell ya– Can ah turn ‘round? Are ya decent? It’s s-strange talkin’ like ta the tent wall.”
Araatris: Rhese sighs, and Nysse steps away from him, blushing. “We’re presentable, Ry,” she says softly. Rhesan bounces around her feet, play-growling.
Rhoelyn: The sergeant turns around and clears her throat. “Ah’m really sorry that ah barged in like that. Relare forgot ta tell ya somethin’ ‘fore he left.”
Araatris: The false sin’dorei just raises his brows at her, impatient. “Ah, um… Captain Smythe, ya remember? She’s been askin’ ta come talk ta ya. Both.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese raises both eyebrows even as Nysse flinches. He shakes his head. “How do we know that this isn’t another attempt to kill Nyssera or myself?”
Araatris: “Aw, look. Ah know she dun awful ta ya, but she ain’t all bad. Ah even count’er as a friend, most days.” Ry fidgets. “She’s just… got hangups.”
Rhoelyn: The druid looks at the huntress trembling behind him and sighs. “I’ll consider it… if we can make it secure enough to make Nysse feel safe.”
Araatris: With a nod, the girl looks at her sympathetically. “Thank ya. Ah’ll stay by yer side, Nysse. She ain’t gonna hurt ya n- Rhesan! Will ya stop?!”
Rhoelyn: The pup continues to chew and tug on her pants leg until Nyssera plucks him from the ground. “O-oh! I’m so sorry. I w-wasn’t watching him.”
Araatris: Ry smirks and pats his head. “Li’l scamp. Well, if ya say it’s okay, ah’ll tell the commander ta bring’er back with ‘im.” Rhese looks at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: Nysse shifts uneasily, nervously nods. Rhese rests a hand on her shoulder. “Yes, he can bring her back. We’ll see what she has to say.”
Araatris: Rylana nods and salutes, and the false sin’dorei smirks. “Now, please get out. Immediately.” As she rushes for the doorway, he turns to Nysse.
Rhoelyn: Nysse steps close, wrapping her free arm around him. “I’m sorry, Rhese, but Kaerryn scares me. She seems familiar, too, but I can’t remember…“
Araatris: He pulls her and Yami into his arms, kissing her hair. “You don’t need to apologize, Nysse. Maybe facing her will erase some of that fear she left.”
Rhoelyn: “I hope so.” Nysse bites her lip and makes an obvious plea for distraction. She looks at him coyly. “We have time before dinner. Did you-”
Araatris: Rhese smiles and kisses her. “I think it’s time for Yami to go rest, don’t you?” Giving the pup a pet, he takes him to his bed before turning back.
Rhoelyn: “If anyone interrupts us this time…” The druid releases his form and gathers the slender woman in his arms, slanting his mouth over hers.
Araatris: When they part, breathless and hungry, Nysse grins and mutters, “You can maul them, surfal.” He chuckles and nods. “Anything my lady wishes.”

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