WoD Arc – Chapter 25

Araatris: Rhese staggers as the dry, hot wind of Hellfire Peninsula blows his hair back. He bites back a groan, feeling like he just got turned inside-out.
Rhoelyn: Nysse rasps, “Rhe-” She clears her throat, “Rhese…” The huntress kneels on the ground, looking pale. “I don’t understand. Are you okay?”
Araatris: “C-Cenarius’ Beard!” He plops down on his butt beside her, putting a hand on his head. “I f… feel like my head is splitting open. Wh… what…?”
Rhoelyn: She shakes her head. “W-we need to call Morthis I think.” Nysse fumbles for their Hearthstone, then attempts to activate it. It glows softly.
Araatris: The spymaster’s voice comes over the stone, sounding surprised. “Nysse? Did something go wrong, already? Don’t tell me Rhese is portal-sick.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress mumbles in confusion. “No, I don’t think so. This is hitting us both. I could barely think to call you. I think something happened…”
Araatris: Worry creeps into his tone as he says, “Do I need to pull you? The last thing I want is to misplace more agents to wh- Hold on. Ry’s stone lit.”
Rhoelyn: “That’s fine…” Nysse leans against Rhese who automatically wraps his arm around her. They wait as Morthis has a muffled conversation with Ry.
Araatris: The druid rests his aching head against the back of Nysse’s shoulder, listening with her as the other man’s voice and attention return.
Rhoelyn: “Alright, you two. We’re pulling you out. Ry will make sure you get to the portal.” Nysse mumbles, “…fine. We’ll stay here until she gets here.”
Araatris: Rhese manages, “Aren’t we already at the portal?” Nysse shushes him as Morthis says, “She’ll be there in one hour.” “Understood,” Nysse snaps.
Rhoelyn: The connection fades, and Rhese grumbles, “There is a portal here.” Nysse snuggles against him with a groan. “A portal to Stormwind, surfal.”
Araatris: Her mate lifts his head, suddenly, groaning as the motion sends pain through it even as he exclaims, “Stormwind?! We can’t g-… Wait, w-why-…”
Rhoelyn: “It’s too hard to think. Let’s just trust Ry and Morthis.” Nysse grimaces and closes her eyes. “I’m so foggy that I barely know what I’m saying…”
Rhoelyn: They settle down and rest until Rylana’s voice interrupts them. “Oi. Are ya awake? Ya don’t look so good.” “We know…” Nysse raises her head.
Araatris: Rhese growls, “Quieter…” The human dares to look amused. “Ah didn’t know better, ah’d think you two had a bit too much fun at th’pub, ya know?”
Rhoelyn: Both night elves glower, but manage to drag themselves to their feet. “Just… get us someplace we can rest. Please, Ry?” Nysse pleads softly.
Araatris: “O’course, Nysse.” The woman takes her arm gently. “Ah gotcha a pair ‘a sabers. There’s a mage waitin’ at Honor Hold ta make us a portal.”
Rhoelyn: The young woman guides them quietly to their mounts, speaking quietly as they go. “Ah’m gonna rec’mend t’Morthis that ya rest ‘fore debriefin’”
Araatris: Nysse nods. “I’m not sure we could make much sense, right now, anyway.” The human winces. “Ah dun’ understand why ya feelin’ so poorly.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress climbs onto the saber Ry indicates. “I can’t explain, but I remember things that I don’t think happened here. I… are you a worgen, Ry?”
Araatris: The young woman’s eyes widen. “Nah. Don’cha remember that went away when ya cured Rhese’s curse? He ain’t th’Alpha no more, so I’m stuck.”
Rhoelyn: “I do, but I also remember you serving as a soldier, but… Rhese was never cured. You became a worgen. It’s confusing.” Nysse rubs her face.
Araatris: As they ride away from the towering Dark Portal, the young woman looks pleased. “A soldier? Me?” She grins. “So it’s like a dream’er somethin’?”
Rhoelyn: Rhese growls, “More like a nightmare.” When Rylana glances at him, the druid is sullenly silent. Nysse smiles weakly, “Maybe after we rest.”
Araatris: The young woman nods, and they ride in silence for a while before Rhese raises his head. “Rhoelyn.” He looks over. “Ry, where’s my sister?”
Rhoelyn: Rylana frowns, confused. “She’s in Nighthaven w’Yami, ain’t she? She was gonna throw a party for’im t’day.” The druid sighs in relief.
Araatris: “Ya two really are a pair a’ scrambled rylak eggs, ain’cha?” Nysse makes a face. “You have no idea, Ry.” She shares a look with Rhese as he winces.
Rhoelyn: Honor Hold looms as they near it. Its broken walls mirroring the couple’s broken thoughts. “Ah hope th’rest helps ya. It’s not much further.”
Araatris: Nysse nods, and though they’re both drooping by the time they make it to the command building, Ry manages to prod them along to a back room.
Rhoelyn: Rylana guides them through the portal and follows them. “Let’s get to th’barracks ‘fore you’re gone.” Nysse mumbles, “I wish Yami was here…”
Araatris: The human frowns a bit and watches them both. “Ah think he’d be worried if’n he was. Oy!” She grabs the huntress’ arm when she stumbles.
Rhoelyn: Rhese grimaces. Nysse grumbles, “But dalah’alei always makes my head feel better…” Ry supports her and murmurs agreeably, “Yeah, ah know.”
Araatris: The woman sighs with some relief as they turn a corner, the enchanter’s placard and shopfront of Morthis’ disguised headquarters coming into sight.
Rhoelyn: She herds them into the building and into the stock room. “This way.” They barely notice as they walk past Morthis, watching from his desk.
Araatris: Rylana waves the spymaster off when he opens his mouth, brow furrowing. His gaze follows them as they disappear into the hidden barracks doorway.
Rhoelyn: It’s not long before the young woman returns and flops in his guest chair. “No one should wak’em up. They’re tired, confused, and achin’.”
Araatris: The night elf sets his paperwork aside and brushes a hand through his short, dark hair. “They only left this morning. What could have happened?”
Rhoelyn: “Ah’m not sure, but maybe we should have pa look’em over. They were askin’ strange things ‘bout me bein’ a worgen an’ where Rhoe was.” Ry sighs.
Araatris: “I think that’s a good idea, Rylana. Something isn’t adding up, here.” The spymaster scrawls a few quick lines on a parchment and hands it to her.
Rhoelyn: “What’s this?” She reaches for the paper and examines it. Morthis grins, “Just making it official. See if he can do a quick check while they rest.”
Araatris: They both jump, reaching for weapons, when an unfamiliar voice speaks up from the doorway. “It’s a good idea to bring him, but not for healing.”
Rhoelyn: Morthis and Ry lunge to their feet, scattering their chairs. The young woman snarls, “Who th’” The spymaster grabs her arm. “He’s a dragon.”
Araatris: When the man reaches up to pull back his cowl, he reveals an amused smile and light-colored hair. “You’re always the perceptive one, Grey.”
Rhoelyn: “To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit? Besides to tell us we need Wrune.” Morthis joins Ry in front of the desk, still stiff and tense.
Araatris: “Well, you see, I learned something when I accidentally disrupted Relare’s place in all of time,” the apparent quel’dorei says with a wince. “Oops.”
Rhoelyn: The spymaster frowns. “Bronze dragon then, but… we don’t know any Relare.” Ry who confirms with a shake of her head. “Are we suppos’d t’?”
Araatris: Cori blinks his golden eyes. “Oh. I suppose we’re before you learned about Rhoelyn’s top-secret mate. And his brother.” He grins. “But I digress.”
Rhoelyn: “Rhoelyn’s got a mate?!” Ry exclaims in shock before Morthis can hush her. The man runs a hand through his hair. “What’s the point of this?”
Araatris: The dragon gestures toward the hidden door, “Well, I need those two. And I think I probably need to keep them from-… I really don’t know what.”
Rhoelyn: Morthis grimaces. “Ry, go get them.” She turns her wide eyes to him. “If they’re doin’ sumthin’ that ev’n a-” “Then knock first, but get them.”
Araatris: Ry grumbles as she heads to the back, leaving Morthis to stare at Coridormu. Smiling, the high elf extends a hand. “I like watching you weave.”
Rhoelyn: The night elf takes his hand and shakes it. “Thank you, but I seem to be at a disadvantage. I don’t know your name or what’s going on.”
Araatris: “Oh! Yes, introductions are supposed to be at the beginning, hm?” The dragon smirks. “It’s all so relative, you know. Coridormu of the Bronze.”
Rhoelyn: Morthis grins. A blushing Rylana re-enters the room. “They’ll be ‘ere in jus’a moment.” Nysse joins them, her shirt and loose hair in disarray.
Araatris: Rhese follows right behind, grumbling and yanking his tunic on. Before she gets a chance to speak, he snags Nysse’s arm and straightens her shirt.
Rhoelyn: Though her cheeks color, the huntress smiles gratefully. She runs a hand through her hair as she turns. “Is everything as it should be, Cori?”
Araatris: The dragon dares to look knowingly amused. “It’s heading that way quickly, Nysse. But we’re not quite done.” Morthis pinches the bridge of his nose.
Rhoelyn: “Alright. Enough with the mystery. What’s going on here? What’s not quite done?” The older night elf scans the room, looking for answers.
Araatris: When the pale elf starts to open his mouth, Rhese holds up a hand, perching on the corner of the desk. “Let me, Cori. It’s not your strong suit.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese roughly debriefs Morthis. “…While we’re all back here, there’s likely still the matter of how to integrate memories and Relare.”
Araatris: As Morthis and Rylana process that, the latter looking more than a bit wide-eyed, the dragon smiles. “See? This is why I like you, Rhese.”
Rhoelyn: Cori taps his chin. “Now, Wrune should be easy, but there’s still Rhoelyn, Leothir, Relare, Kaerryn, and Sarren. The sin’dorei will be tricky.”
Araatris: Rhese takes Nysse’s hand as her brow furrows worriedly, saying, “Sarren is missing in this time, and Relare… don’t tell me we need his corpse.”
Rhoelyn: Blinking, Cori raises an eyebrow. “Aren’t you a morbid one. No, of course not. Sarren’s been surviving on an uncharted isle off Feralas.”
Araatris: Nysse’s eyebrows shoot up, and she surges toward Cori. The dragon shies back, blinking up at her. “By Elune! You know where an’da is?!”
Rhoelyn: Cori awkwardly pats her hands. “Y-yes, of course.” His smile is gentle. Her mate sets a hand on her shoulder. “Do we need them all here?”
Araatris: “Here?” the dragon says, “No. Together? Yes.” He waves a hand, his robe swaying. “I stored all the temporal impetus in you and your honor guard.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese turns to Rylana. “Could you get Wrune please?” Then he asks Morthis, “Can you get a message to Rhoe and Yami? Tell her we need Leo and…”
Araatris: He pauses and blinks at Coridormu as Ry rushes off. “Relare is dead, so what exactly do we need? How is he going to live in this time?”
Rhoelyn: The dragon sighs and snaps his fingers. The sin’dorei appears beside him, eyes closed. “I can handle him, but I’ll need to adjust a few things.”
Araatris: Morthis frowns at him, walking over to examine the blood elf standing like a statue beside him. “It doesn’t make me comfortable to hear you say that.”
Rhoelyn: Cori smiles. “You’re fine, but we need to make sure that people don’t remember him dying. That would be awkward for him to continue his life.”
Araatris: Rhese speaks up, eyes on Relare. “That’s why you need the… what did you say?… the temporal impetus from all of us?” The dragon nods.
Rhoelyn: Morthis grabs a Hearthstone from his desk and activates it. Nysse murmurs, “D-does that mean you can bring an’da home, too, C-coridormu?”
Araatris: “Well, I tried that, once.” The dragon says, wincing. “I’d… really rather you went to get him. Oh! Can I draw you a map? How gloriously banal.”
Rhoelyn: Morthis shoves some paper in their direction and Cori starts sketching. Nysse frowns worriedly, “But… that’ll take weeks with everyone waiting…”
Araatris: “I’m a patient dragon,” he mutters, tongue sticking between his lips as he works. Rhese rubs his head. “But you can just bring him here, right?”
Rhoelyn: The dragon pauses, grimacing. “My specialty is time. Ask Leothir for help. He can cut down on the trip.” Cori straightens and studies the map.
Araatris: “Perfect!” He pronounces, handing it to Nysse with a smile. She peers at it in confusion that is only slightly helped when he turns it around.
Rhoelyn: “I… don’t know where that is any more that I did before.” Nysse ducks her head. “I don’t know how-” Wrune and Rylana enter the hidden office.
Araatris: The paladin glances around and breaks into a wide smile when he sees Rhese and Nysse. Far too cheerfully, he asks, “Are you hurting, as well?”
Rhoelyn: Rhese glares at him. “Why are you so rotting happy about our heads splitting open?” “Consider it a trade for traumatizing my daughter.”
Araatris: Rylana blushes and smacks his arm, but she can’t help looking pleased. “A-ain’t often ya call me that, Aron.” Wrune smiles at her. “I got wiser.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles tearfully, watching them happily. Rhese gives Wrune a knowing look as a portal appears, Rhoe, Leo, and Yami stepping through.
Araatris: Morthis gapes. “O-outside the city! I said to portal-” The spymaster grits his teeth, yanking a warded cloak from the wall and shoving it at Leothir.
Araatris: “Oh,” he groans, “there is going to be a mountain of paperwork for this.” Leo’s unapologetic gaze drifts past him, and the mage gasps, “Relare!”
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn takes the cloak with an apologetic smile as Leo hurries to the unresponsive visage of his brother. Cori smiles, “He will be soon.”
Araatris: Yami rushes to his parents while Leo waves a hand in front of his brother’s face before looking at the dragon, a bit teary-eyed. “What do we do?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse lifts Yami, who chooses a smaller form, into her arms. Coridormu pats Leo’s shoulder. “Can you open a portal to an isle you’ve never been?”
Araatris: “With the right arcane leydata, I can make the calculations,” the mage says. “It’s not without some risk.” “Nysse has a map,” Cori declares.
Rhoelyn: Still cradling her son, she offers the map to Leo. “Maybe you can make more sense of it than I could. It looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere.”
Araatris: Rhoelyn tucks the cloak over his shoulders as he examines the scrawled lines, nodding thoughtfully. Finally, he looks up at Cori. “What’s here?”
Rhoelyn: “Sarren, Nyssera’s father. He’s the last person we need to awaken and integrate Relare.” Cori gestures to Relare. “Until then… he’s waiting.”
Araatris: “Then consider me motivated.” When the mage takes a step away, his gaze going distant, Morthis surges forward. “Not here! Take it outside the city.”
Rhoelyn: Leothir scowls and opens his mouth, but nods when Rhoelyn sets a comforting hand on his arm. “Fine.” He pulls the cloak tight and flips up the hood.
Araatris: The priestess grins and straightens it fussily. “You look quite clandestine, my dawn.” Leo chuckles. “Thank you.” He looks around at the others.
Rhoelyn: Morthis sighs, pinching his nose. “Follow me. Cori, could you please stay here with him?” He points at Relare’s body. “One is enough.”
Araatris: “Oh, certainly,” the dragon grins. “Though I assure you, he’s not going anywhere.” Rhese smirks, resting his hand idly on Nysse’s back.
Rhoelyn: They file through the city, talking amongst themselves. No guards stop them and they exit Stormwind easily and Morthis leads them into the woods.
Araatris: Once the spymaster pronounces it safe, they mill about while Leothir pulls the hand-drawn ley map out once more. “Do stand back, won’t you?”
Rhoelyn: “Can’t handle a crowd?” Rhese smirks. Leo grins. “Oh. I was just making sure I didn’t put the portal over you. I’d hate to upset my flower.”
Araatris: “Leothir, if you portal my brother to who-knows-where, I’m afraid you will find yourself in quite the trouble,” Rhoelyn deadpans.
Rhoelyn: The mage grimaces while Nysse covers her mouth. “Of course, my flower. I was only informing him of why he should give me space.” They step back.
Araatris: With a grin, he settles into concentration, drawing power into symbols that form and swirl in the air around his hands until the air rips open.
Rhoelyn: Leo smirks. “And done. Now… who wants to go first? Nyssera?” Rhese grumbles, “I’m not sending her first through a portal that could go to nowhere.”
Araatris: The blood elf raises a brow. “Volunteering, then, are we, bondbrother?” The druid sighs. “Yes. But if I don’t make it intact, I will haunt you.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese kisses Nysse on the cheek before stepping away and into the portal. Yami peers up at his mother’s nervous face. “Don’t worry, min’da.”
Araatris: The voidling blinks and then giggles at Leo’s wiggly-edged portal. “That kinda tickles! An’da is just fine. Can we go, now?” Nysse smiles.
Rhoelyn: “Yes, we can.” She carries her son through the portal. Wincing, Nysse raises her hand to see in the bright sun. “Rhese? An’da?” Yami squirms.
Araatris: “See? She really is here. Can… can we please consider putting the bow down, now?” Rhese holds his hands up, backing away from the scruffy hunter.
Rhoelyn: The hunter hesitates. “Little star, is it really you? How did you find me? Who-” Nysse smiles. “Let’s take the portal, and I’ll explain, an’da.”
Araatris: Her father lowers his bow, unnocking the arrow, and stares at her, wide-eyed. “Just… just like that? I’ve been trying to-… it’s been-…!”
Rhoelyn: Despite her smile, tears well in her eyes. “I know. I was terrified you were…” Yami escapes her arms and runs up to Sarren. “An’nui!”
Araatris: As the little boy throws his arms around his grandfather’s waist, the elf freezes, gaping as if he only just noticed the child Nysse was holding.
Rhoelyn: “Y-you have a child?!” Sarren stammers. Nysse turns crimson. “Yami is our adopted son, an’da. There’s a lot to tell you, but we need to go.”
Araatris: Rhese leans down and peels a reluctant Yami away from the other man. “Hugs later, little light. Let’s get an’nui back home, first.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse grasps her father’s wrist as she smiles gratefully at Rhese. “Come on, an’da.” She tugs him through the portal, Rhese and Yami close behind.
Araatris: Sarren and the others step back through the magic, and Leo lets it smoothly roll shut. The hunter finds himself just stunned, looking around.
Rhoelyn: Almost as quickly, Nysse pulls him toward the city and asks him about what happened. Rhese hangs back with the others. “He’s a little overwhelmed.”
Araatris: Yami squirms, but his father holds him back until after Sarren wraps Nysse in a tight hug, their matching heads bent together. Rhoe smiles.
Rhoelyn: Rhese finally releases him and Yami runs up and hugs them. Sarren grins and picks up his grandson, settling him on his hip as they walk.
Araatris: Rhoe takes her brother’s arm and leans her shoulder against his as they walk, saying, “That is quite the sweet scene. After so long without him…”
Rhoelyn: “I’m glad Cori helped. I think… I think she’d almost given up hope. Yami already adores him…” Rhese chuckles and rests his hand over his sister’s.
Araatris: “Yami had decided he adored him long ago based on what he saw in your heads, brother.” She smiles warmly. “There was never any other possibility.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese grins and watches them. “I suppose not.” Morthis leads them back into the office, sighing and mumbling about extra paperwork. Cori looks up.
Araatris: “Ah, excellent. The prodigal father returns, the honor guard assembles.” The dragon comes over to clap an intrusive hand on Sarren’s shoulder.
Rhoelyn: The older hunter grimaces, but relaxes as Yami kisses his cheek. Morthis grumbles, “Cori, what do you need them to do?” The dragon blinks.
Araatris: “We could use somewhere with space, since you get so antsy about spellwork in the office, Grey.” He ponders until, “Oh! I know the perfect place.”
Rhoelyn: The spymaster eyes him warily. “What are you suggesting?” Cori laughs and pats the back of his shoulder. “You worry too much, Grey.”
Araatris: The dragon points at Morthis. “Can I ask you to carry our unintegrated tangle?” “Where are we going?” he asks. “We can’t walk the streets like that.”
Rhoelyn: Cori sighs, “You’re really not giving me a lot of options. No magic, no walking. What next?” He mimics Morthis, “You breathe too much, Cori!”
Araatris: “Ah ain’t even seen ya breathe much, yet, akshully,” Rylana points out, earning a smirk. “Yes, well. It’s so easy to forget. My point remains.”
Rhoelyn: The dragon gestures to Relare and as Morthis complies, Cori comments, “Then magic.” He gathers a sandy magic in one hand and snaps his fingers.
Araatris: Unlike one of Leo’s portals, they all just sort of slip sideways into somewhere else, staggering. The dragon is the only one who just stands there.
Rhoelyn: Sands swirl around their ankles as they look around. Leo exclaims, “You brought us to the middle of the-” he glances at Yami, “Tanaris desert?!”
Araatris: The quel’dorei smiles and spreads his arms wide. “I know! It’s perfect. We have all the space we need, plus… Well, I really like sand.”
Rhoelyn: Morthis opens his mouth, and the dragon holds up his hand to silence him. “Now now. Lay him down there and then I need the honor guard to circle us.”
Araatris: Leo watches anxiously enough that Rhoelyn takes his hand as Relare’s empty body is lain in the sand. Yami waits with Ry and Morthis to the side.
Rhoelyn: “Focus on your memories of Relare. Let them call to him.” Cori directs them. He raises his hands, guiding the sand into a dome. “Relare Duskfall…”
Araatris: Shimmering lines of power start to form between them all as the sand shifts and flows, taking form into the moments of their memories.
Rhoelyn: Leo smiles as two boys play in a hallway, chasing each other. The huntress blushes as Relare cares for her in his room. Rhese scowls in response.
Araatris: Rhoe grins warmly as the sands show the paladin laughing at something she said, holding out his plate for seconds of her cooking.
Rhoelyn: Wrune chuckles as they shift to show him and Relare sparring. After a few strikes, the larger elf trips the other paladin onto the muddy ground.
Araatris: When the sands shift again, Leothir winces and Rhoe pales, glancing over at Rhese. Relare bends over her bloody form, his magic glowing.
Rhoelyn: The druid growls, his glare becoming more intense as the sands shift again to reveal Relare hurrying and carrying a limp Nysse in his arms.
Araatris: Sarren steps out of his place, his gaze glassy as he walks toward Relare and Rhese on his other side. His voice echoes oddly. “I helped them both.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese snarls. “They wouldn’t have needed helping if-” Nysse watches nervously, grasping her mate’s hand. Cori reinforces, “Minds on Relare.”
Araatris: The druid growls, “My mind is on him.” The sands show Leothir on the ground, and Relare’s guards holding Rhese’s arms as they scowl at each other.
Rhoelyn: Nysse grimaces. Sarren speaks again in the strange voice, “I was upset with you, but I also understood. I wanted to protect people as well.”
Araatris: His frown remains, but some of the edge comes off it. “Your reaction wasn’t… completely unreasonable,” Rhese grudgingly admits. “I got him good.”
Rhoelyn: Sarren laughs, but it sounds more like Relare. “You did. He didn’t want to admit it, but I had to heal his nose afterwards.” Leo protests, “Hey!”
Araatris: Rhoelyn quietly bites her lip to keep from grinning, saying nothing as they chuckle as much at his response as at the memory. She pats Leo’s arm.
Rhoelyn: The hunter walks over to the dome, kneeling by the opening sands around Relare’s body. The sands envelope them all, obscuring their view.
Araatris: When the power fades scant moments later, they’re all feeling drained and ragged. Sarren kneels beside Relare’s form, gasping for breath.
Rhoelyn: Leo runs to his brother’s side as Relare groans and sits up. “Does everyone else feel like they were run over by a… a…” “Kodo?” Leo supplies.
Araatris: Nysse’s father groans, “I was thinking more an elekk, but… yes.” Leothir smiles and helps his brother up before clapping him in a tight hug.
Rhoelyn: Cori grins broadly. “Well, I suppose my work here is done-” Morthis steps by him. “Not until you return us. I’ll even take the two sin’dorei.”
Araatris: “Ah.” The apparent high elf blinks. “I suppose you don’t want to just…” He looks around at the tired group. “No, walking is probably a bad option.”
Rhoelyn: He gathers his magic and with another snap of his fingers, they’re settled back in the office. The dragon grins at Morthis. “Anything else?”
Araatris: Relare turns to him. “No one will remember that I was dead in this timeline?” The dragon shrugs a bit. “Not clearly, at least. Save these few.”
Araatris: “The sha-infected harassment fiend, here,” Leo cringes as Cori gestures at him, “wouldn’t have happened if I erased it completely. So…”
Rhoelyn: Both Nysse and Rhoelyn squeak, wide-eyed as they turn to Rhese’s narrowing glare. “Sha-infested. Harassment. Fiend?” Rhese growls out.
Araatris: “Oh, will you look at the time.” The dragon grins and doesn’t look at the time at all. “Do have fun with that one, mortals.” He disappears.
Rhoelyn: Nysse rushes to Rhese and grasps his hands. “Sha-infested, surfal. He wasn’t himself any more than I was with the orbs.” Relare frowns in confusion.
Araatris: Leothir sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Can we please just forget he said anything and get out of Stormwind? That’s all water long gone.”
Rhoelyn: Morthis points to the backroom. “No, we’re going to have a talk about the current issue, then you can go.” They all settle in for the debriefing.

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