WoD Arc – Chapter 9

Rhoelyn: Rhese awakens to something licking his face, then it suddenly is pulled away. A soft, feminine voice scolds, “No, Rhesan. He’s worn out.”
Araatris: The druid groans and stirs and mumbles, barely intelligible, “Rhoe, one th’ kittens got in, ‘gen.” He flops his arm over his face.
Rhoelyn: Nysse glances at him and tilts her head curiously. The pup squirms and yips. “Please be quiet, little one.” She gives him her finger to chew on.
Araatris: Rhese stirs once more and pushes up, grumbling, “C’mon, s-” He turns to look at Nysse and cuts off, then flops back and folds his arm over his face.
Rhoelyn: Rhesan breaks free and jumps over to the cot, whining at Rhese. Nysse doesn’t stop him this time, instead she silently gathers his armor.
Araatris: The druid takes a deep breath and reaches a hand out to pat the pup’s head. “Shush, alei,” he mutters into his arm without thinking.
Rhoelyn: Rhese’s armor clatters to the ground loudly as Nysse stares blankly at the druid. “W-what did you say?” Rhese sits up at the ruckus.
Araatris: “I… What? I just told him to shush.” The druid scrubs at his face. “I’m groggy. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care what I say. He’s a wolf.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse grabs the armor and shoves it roughly at his chest. “Fine. Rhesan and I are going to get dinner. You can starve to death for all I care.”
Araatris: He blinks and holds the armor as she stalks out, but then his eyes widen. “Nysse, wait.” When she ignores him, he darts after her, shifting.
Rhoelyn: She hasn’t made it more than a couple of steps before Rhese grabs her arm and pulls her tightly against his chest. “Nyssera…,” He warns.
Araatris: “You haven’t put your chain back on,” he whispers by her ear. A trio of sin’dorei soldiers passing by give them a look and lascivious chuckles.
Rhoelyn: Despite the fresh blush blossoming on her cheeks, her mouth is set into a thin rebellious line and her eyes narrow. She opens her mouth.
Rhoelyn: “You can take that c-chain and-” Rhese smirks at the soldiers nearby before lifting her into his arms and ducking back into the tent.
Araatris: “Oh!” Nysse kicks her feet angrily as the tent flap closes behind them. The pup scampers around his boots, barking playfully. “How da-!”
Rhoelyn: Rhese sets her down and snaps, “Sit, Nyssera!” Without thinking, the huntress flops down on her butt next to the wolf pup. “Where’s the chain?”
Araatris: When she points, he stomps over and retrieves it, bringing it to her. Rhese scowls. “I’m not even going to pretend to know why you’re mad.”
Rhoelyn: “You called him ‘alei’. Then, you acted like he was just a stupid animal and wouldn’t care. Wolves care! I care!” She refuses to take the chain.
Araatris: “Alei?” He makes a skeptical face. “Why w- Oh. I did, didn’t I?” Rhese blinks and sighs and rubs his temple. “Why doesn’t it seem wrong?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse draws her knees to her chest. “I don’t know. It didn’t feel wrong when when the creature called me min’da either. It just felt… sad.”
Araatris: The druid’s disguise drops as he paces away, brushing his hands through his hair. He says nothing, expression shuttered as he thinks.
Rhoelyn: Nysse clutches the puppy and pushes to her feet silently. She holds her hand out for the chain, but doesn’t meet his gaze. The little wolf whines.
Araatris: Rhese stops and hands her the chain before plopping down on the floor in front of them both. He rests his head in his hands. “She’s right.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress blinks and crouches in front of him. “Who’s right, Rhese?” She rests the pup in her lap and nervously brushes his hair back.
Araatris: “The shaman,” he answers, closing his eyes. “A friendly blue demon who said nothing was as it should be.” Rhese grits his teeth and falls silent.
Rhoelyn: The young woman slips fully to her knees and gently tugs his hands so she can see his face. “Rhese, I’m afraid I’m missing something.”
Araatris: “So am I,” he says softly, looking at her with a furrowed brow. “And I should know exactly who that is. Finding her has been my life for (c)
Araatris: (c) over a year.” Rhese grimaces and reaches for Nysse. “Except it feels like it’s more than that. More than this mission. More than… everything.”
Rhoelyn: Though she bites her lip, Nysse doesn’t pull away from his touch. “I’m scared. I haven’t felt like this since the orbs. What do we do?”
Araatris: He shakes his head. “I don’t know. I feel like I’m… losing. We need to focus on the mission. I need to get this done and go back to finding Rhoelyn.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse presses the chain into his hand. “Then put the chain on me and do what we need. Let’s go get dinner and I’ll play the obedient slave girl.”
Araatris: Rhese stares at the chain before sighing. “Anything my lady wishes.” He latches it to her collar and then her small tunic with shaking hands.
Rhoelyn: She steadies his hands with her own and attempts to crack a tiny, shy smile. “I’m fairly certain that supposed to be my line, my lord Rhese.”
Araatris: He regards her for a long moment, brow furrowed. “Can I… just… please…” The druid reaches out slowly and leans toward her, eyes lowered.
Rhoelyn: “Y-yes?” she whispers. The huntress is frozen, her breath caught in her throat and her heart pounding. She closes her eyes reflexively.
Araatris: Rhese slips his hands around Nysse’s waist and leans forward to rest his forehead against her shoulder, his back rounding. “Just for a minute.”
Rhoelyn: Rhesan noses against Rhese’s hand. “It’s f-fine. I don’t mind.” She rests a hand on the back of his head, grateful that he can’t see her blush.
Araatris: It’s a few minutes into this silent embrace that there’s a scratch at the tent flap. Rhese’s form has shifted before he’s even straightened.
Rhoelyn: Rhese calls out, “Who’s there?” “Leothir. It’s time for dinner. I was hoping to invite you to the commander’s dining hall. Care to join us?”
Araatris: He glances at Nysse and drags his fingers against her skin as he gets to his feet, calling, “It sounds worlds better than the mess. One moment.”
Rhoelyn: She shudders and stands. “Should Rhesan and I go to the mess?” Nysse plucks the pup from the ground and settles him in the crook of her arm.
Araatris: The druid crosses the room. “Yes. We should both be able to hear some interesting things.” Without a word, he starts unlacing his breeches.
Rhoelyn: Nysse spins, covering the pup’s eyes. “Of course. P-please send for me if you need anything.” She closes her eyes at the rustle of fabric.
Araatris: “I will,” he mutters, quickly changing into his scarlet and white trousers. When he glances back, he smirks. “He’s not going to get embarrassed.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress mumbles, “I know, but it makes me feel better.” She risks a glance over her shoulder. “I really would prefer to go with you.”
Araatris: He tugs his cuirass on and ties it deftly. “I can try to feel Leo out about it, but you know how the commander feels about slavery.”
Rhoelyn: “I know, but I don’t feel like I can do what I’m supposed to when I’m away from you so much.” She turns and sighs, “But I will do as you wish.”
Araatris: Rhese nods. “I understand how you feel; I just don’t know how to resolve it. On the bright side, it’s just dinner. What could possibly happen?”
Rhoelyn: Nyssera grips his arm, speaking under her breath. “And I just went to get water to wash dishes yesterday. Don’t let your guard down, Rhese.”
Araatris: He nods soberly and pats her hand on his arm. “I’ll be careful. You, too. I’ll see you after dinner.” With that, he turns and shoves out of the tent.
Rhoelyn: The huntress steps out after a moment, properly dressed and chained this time, and watches as they cross camp before heading to the mess area.
Araatris: Rhesan trails her, sniffing at everything. He gets dirty looks from one or two people who find him underfoot. He also gets adoring attention.
Rhoelyn: Nysse finally makes it to the food line and waves to Faye. “May I get some food for me and maybe a little meat for a wolf pup?” She holds him up.
Araatris: With a smile and a seeming immunity to the pup’s cuteness, Faye dishes out stew for her and fishes out chunks of talbuk meat into a second bowl.
Rhoelyn: “Thank you!” The pup is set down as Nysse takes them and settles into an out of the way corner to listen. A few glances are tossed her way.
Araatris: Her impression from the conversations around her is a camp waiting in anticipation. Though no one seems to know what they wait for.
Rhoelyn: Towards the end of dinner, she takes the bowls and washes them. The crowd has died down and she quietly asks Faye, “What’s everyone so anxious for?”
Araatris: The other night elf shrugs, working on washing out one of the cauldrons. “We’ve been here for nearly two months while the special team searches.”
Rhoelyn: “Special team? What are they searching for? I’d think that you’d have everything you need here.” Nysse dodges Rhesan as she grabs the other pot.
Araatris: “That’s a closely held secret.” Faye frowns, glancing around. She leans closer and lowers her voice. “It’s got something to do with spirits.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress tilts her head as she works, but speaks just as quietly. “I’m not sure I understand. What do spirits have to do with any of this?”
Araatris: The other night elf sighs and shakes her head. “I haven’t picked up enough of it. Something about Karabor Temple and harnessing some weapon.”
Rhoelyn: The young woman stops and blinks. “That’s the place with those draenei, isn’t it?” Faye nods. “It’s a sacred place from what I understand.”
Araatris: Rhesan nibbles on her bare ankle, distracting Nysse. The other night elf grins. “Do I get to hear about your little fuzzbutt companion?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse gasps, “He’s not a fuzzbutt…” At Faye’s chuckle, the huntress blushes. “Rhese found him with Vorok in the stable and brought him to me.”
Araatris: “Who’s Vorok? His mother?” Nysse giggles. “No, no. Vorok is a male. He’s the Frost Wolf we rode here on.” Faye blinks. “Then I’m confused.”
Rhoelyn: The pup jumps up and Nysse catches him. “We don’t know where the little one came from, but he snuck into the stable with Vorok, I think.”
Araatris: “How odd.” The slave leans closer and offers Rhesan a hand to sniff. “He has a frost wolf coloring. Do you suppose he followed his father?”
Rhoelyn: Nyssera shakes her head. “How could he? We came through one of Leothir’s portals.” She sighs, “And no one has mentioned a missing pup.”
Araatris: “Well,” Faye laughs as, after a brief sniff, he deems her uninteresting and nuzzles against Nysse, “he seems quite happy to be in your care.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress caresses him and smiles. “I’m glad. Life is much simpler for him. Sometimes, I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.”
Araatris: Returning to scrubbing, the other woman snorts. “Well, our options became limited when these chains were put on us. We’re supposed to obey.”
Rhoelyn: The young woman ducks her head and returns to her own task. “Yes, but what about when they don’t tell us. Do you just wait for the next order?”
Araatris: Faye glances around before leaning close again. “Nyssera, never let yourself become that complacent. You’re a child of the stars, not a slave.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse whispers, “But that’s exactly what these chains mean, doesn’t it? Though I still don’t understand why I can take it off in the bedroom…”
Araatris: The other woman wears an intense frown at odds with her usual quiet. “Have they convinced you that because they chained you, you’re nothing?”
Rhoelyn: “It’s not that I’m nothing…” Nyssera shifts uneasily. “I spent years alone with the wolves before they found me. I guess… I’m not sure what I am.”
Araatris: Faye takes her hand. “You are kal’dorei. And one day, you will b-” Her grip tightens, and she curls, pained, around her chain as it glows.
Rhoelyn: Nyssera gasps. “What’s wrong, Faye? What is this glowing?” She reaches down to touch the chain and the other elf bats her hand away. “Don’t.”
Araatris: “Y-your master must be kinder than he looks,” the other woman gasps, gritting her teeth. She looks over at the sin’dorei woman approaching them.
Rhoelyn: The huntress bites her lip and steps back from Faye. “I thought I told you not to dawdle. There’s clean up to be done in the hall, Fayrial.”
Araatris: “Apologies, Lady Emeria,” she bows, breathing easier as the chain’s glow fades. “I will finish quickly.” The woman’s attention swings to Nysse.
Rhoelyn: Emeria’s lips curl distastefully. “I can’t think much of a master that lets his slave wander without direction.” She frowns as the pup growls.
Araatris: The golden-haired woman sneers imperiously at Rhesan even as Nysse grabs him and holds him against her chest. “And an unstabled beast?!”
Rhoelyn: Nysse keeps her head bowed. “My master gave him to me to look after, Lady Emeria.” Lady Emeria sharply asks, “And just who is your master?”
Araatris: “Rhese,” the huntress mumbles. “Speak up, girl,” she’s scolded. “R-Rhese Riverwind, Lady.” The male slave at Emeria’s side whispers in her ear.
Rhoelyn: She smiles humorlessly. “Ah, yes. That new one Leothir has attached himself to. Perhaps we should see what he thinks of this behavior.”
Araatris: “I… I just want to be useful,” Nysse manages, keeping her gaze down and holding the squirming pup tight. “Could I h-” “Daron, bring her along.”
Rhoelyn: He grabs her arm firmly and pulls her behind Lady Emeria, striding purposefully towards the commander’s building. Nysse doesn’t dare protest.
Araatris: The pup in her arms squirms with agitation, and she hushes him as they drag her with them up the stairs and down a long hallway.
Rhoelyn: Finally, after a turn down another hallway, she stops at a doorway. “Daron, open the door.” He drags Nysse with him as he flings the door open.
Araatris: The group of men and women sitting around the dining table look up at her entrance, and the brothers both stand. Leo smiles. “Ah, Mother!”
Rhoelyn: Nysse cringes as she’s pulled behind her. “Leothir. Relare.” There’s a slight smile as the brothers greet her. “I must interrupt your dinner.”
Araatris: It’s Relare who diplomatically says, “And here I was hoping you’d come to join us. How can we help you?” His eyes flick to Nysse. Rhese tenses.
Rhoelyn: She waves him off. “Daron brought me dinner ages ago. I couldn’t possibly wait.” Emeria gestures Daron to bring Nyssera forward, trembling.
Rhoelyn: “I found this slave distracting Fayrial from her work. Quite troublesome really. I thought she might be best returned to her master Rhese.”
Araatris: The druid stands and extricates himself from the table, coming over to take her. He frowns down at her and her pup. “I quite understand, milady.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse swallows nervously. Lady Emeria smirks. “Then you’ll see to it that she’s properly punished? I can’t have her disrupting things.”
Araatris: Relare sighs and interjects before he can answer, “I will remind you both that abuse of the kal’dorei is not permitted in my camp.” Emeria frowns.
Rhoelyn: “It is not abuse, Relare. It’s merely to help guide the savages. They need a firm hand and purpose.” She glances at Nysse. “Some more than others.”
Araatris: The huntress blushes and keeps her eyes on the ground. “Thank you, Lady Emeria. I will see to her.” Rhese tugs her with him back to his seat.
Rhoelyn: Lady Emeria nods. “See that you do. And keep that filthy creature of hers away.” Nysse cradles the wolf pup protectively as she follows Rhese.
Araatris: He says, “But of course,” but she doesn’t even hear, sweeping out of the room as suddenly as she burst into it. There’s an awkward silence.
Rhoelyn: Rhese returns to his seat, but stands, pondering the conundrum before him. Relare sighs and rubs his face. “Can someone find another chair?”
Araatris: Nysse tucks herself behind her “master” trying to disappear under the group’s stares. Leothir winces and stands. “Take mine. I’ll get another.”
Rhoelyn: Relare nods. “Thank you.” Leothir pushes the seat toward him. Rhese firmly guides and presses her into the seat. “I’m sorry for the trouble.”
Araatris: The man next to him leans over, patting his shoulder with a calloused hand. “No need. I think we’re all used to the esteemed lady’s… ways.”
Rhoelyn: Shooting him a grateful look, he sits and tugs Nysse next to him as Leo pushes another chair in. Rhese asks, “Did you get to eat, Nyssera?”
Araatris: “Yes,” she mutters, tucking Rhesan in her lap. The pup chews on her hand, trying to distract her from her embarrassment. Rhese simply nods.
Rhoelyn: The table slowly starts to chatter. Relare smiles reassuringly at Nysse. “Rhese and Leo were telling me about the pup. Have you named him?”
Araatris: The huntress nods, speaking softly. “Yes. His name is Rhesan.” Relare grins and glances at the druid speaking with Wrune beside him. “Really?”
Rhoelyn: Blushing, Nysse nods again. “Since R-rhese brought him to me, I th-thought it’d be nice to name Rhesan after him.” Rhese turns, hearing his name.
Araatris: The druid blinks at her. “That… That’s why… Um… Well, thank you, Nysse…ra. That’s kind of you.” He pats the pup’s head gently and grins.
Rhoelyn: Relare chuckles as she blushes more and hugs Rhesan who licks her face in response. Nysse quietly asks, “Has anyone mentioned missing a wolf?”
Araatris: The commander shakes his head, and he and Rhese share a look. “We were discussing that not too long ago, actually. I’ve heard nothing about one.”
Rhoelyn: She stares fondly at Rhesan. “Then maybe I should start training him. An’da always said it was best to start young,” Nysse cuts off suddenly.
Araatris: “You have more important things to do, Nyssera.” Rhese reminds her, not entirely gently. Though under the table, he rests a hand on her leg.
Rhoelyn: The huntress nods and ducks her head meekly. “Yes, Rhese. I w-won’t let him distract m-me.” She fights back unshed tears and grasps his hand.
Araatris: He turns the conversation to draw attention away from her and give her what privacy he can. “Aron, you were talking about the fields north of here?”
Rhoelyn: Aron Wrune nods, “I was. I really think that they’re our best bet. We need to get a base on the mainland to move forward and secure the area.”
Araatris: Relare considers that. “I’m concerned about tipping our hand too soon. Bahr’s team hasn’t completed their work, and the setbacks are nebulous.”
Rhoelyn: “They’ve been gone for a while. What do they have left?” Aron leans back in his chair. Rhese frowns. “I agree. Do we need to send support?”
Araatris: The sin’dorei commander grimaces. “I have trouble understanding two thirds of his reports. Leo? You understand the work better than I do.”
Rhoelyn: Leothir is silent as he puts his thoughts together. “We have to silence the spirits of Karabor in order to reach the artifact.” He pauses.
Rhoelyn: “It’s meant to act as a bridge, but we think that we can use it to assassinate whoever we need, but… it uses the shadow realm.”
Araatris: “Right. Bahr said something about having delays in aligning the field.” Relare folds his arms and leans back from his food. “That bit, I got.”
Rhoelyn: The mage sighs, “If they don’t get everything aligned, then it’ll mess with the calibration later. There’s no telling where someone would end up.”
Araatris: Rhese looks thoughtful. “So, what’s the problem getting it aligned? Is it something that he could use support on? A pair of daggers…?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse grips Rhese’s hand tighter. Relare ponders for a long moment. “Perhaps, but you have Nyssera to think of. It’s not a quick job.”
Araatris: The druid grins smugly. “She’s still half wildling. I don’t worry about taking her out.” He looks around the table. “I’m here to be useful.”
Rhoelyn: Leo shrugs. “Your call, brother, but he did do as you asked. I can always go with him. The commander assesses first Rhese and then Nyssera.
Araatris: Finally, he nods. “Fine. Take Wrune as well. He can assess the situation and come back with a better idea of when we should press north.”
Rhoelyn: Everyone murmurs agreement. Relare raises his mug and shoves one at Nyssera as well. “Then let us drink for luck and skill to bring us success.”
Araatris: “For Lordaeron. For Quel’thalas. And for the Alliance!” The table echoes that last and raises glasses all around. Nysse squeezes Rhese’s hand.
Rhoelyn: He glances down at her and the wolf curled on her lap. Rhese leans down to murmur in her ear. “Are you alright? You’re looking a little worn.”
Araatris: She nods mutely, at first. But when he frowns at her sternly, she relents and mumbles, “I’m a bit tired, maybe.” Her pup yawns and closes his eyes.
Rhoelyn: He smiles apologetically at Leo and Relare. “I’m afraid that I must excuse myself. Nyssera is about to pass out in her seat. Pardon me.”
Araatris: Relare nods. “Feel free to take her to rest. I’ll expect you three to get an early start.” Leo grins teasingly. “Nyssera, do let him sleep, tonight.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress turns crimson from the bottom of her chain to the tips of her ears. “Y-yes, Leothir.” Rhese nods and stands, heading out to camp.
Araatris: The two make their way to the tent, and Nysse lets him steer her to the cot. Rhese settles her on the edge and holds out his hands for the pup.
Rhoelyn: She opens her mouth to protest, but he holds her eyes and she mutely hands the pup over. He takes the wolf and sets him on a spare blanket.
Araatris: When the pup whines, Rhese pauses and pats him back to sleep. He looks over at Nysse a few minutes later to find her curled up on the cot.
Rhoelyn: Rhese sits on the edge of the cot and brushes her hair back. “Nysse, we should talk before sleep. We don’t know when we’ll get another chance.”
Araatris: She forces open her eyes and looks up at him, smothering a yawn. “You’re right… I’m awake enough.” She gets a skeptical smirk as she rubs her eyes.
Rhoelyn: Nysse lightly hits his leg. “If I need to be awake, then I have a question. Can you cause me pain through this chain? Lady Emeria did it to Faye.”
Araatris: The druid frowns and looks away before answering. “Yes.” He sighs and presses his lips together, but something in his expression is shuttered.
Rhoelyn: “It’s alright, Rhese. Use it if you need to. If not for Relare, you would have had to tonight.” Nysse’s voice is soft as she reaches for his hand.
Araatris: “Not ever.” He growls, gripping her hand. “There’s only so much of their barbarism I can stomach, Nysse. She treated you like an idiot child.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress blinks at his vehemence. “But it’s all for the mission. That makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? We’ll do whatever we need.”
Araatris: “No. We won’t. I am not the dutiful soldier you are,” the druid scowls, “and you won’t convince me that the ends justify the means. That’s h-.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse sits up. “No, you’re right. Maybe… maybe all this is affecting me. Faye seemed worried about me earlier.” She touches her collar and chain.
Araatris: Placated by her agreement, Rhese nods. “I imagine that your role can become quite convincing.” He sighs. “No one should feel less than elven.”
Rhoelyn: She starts to pull her hand away. “I don’t know to feel. There was a gnome… She made me keep leaning over as I tried to give her food.”
Rhoelyn: “They stare and jeer and treat me like a dog and I don’t know how to do anything other than what they say because if I don’t I’ll put you at risk.”
Araatris: Though his expression darkens with anger, he manages to keep his voice even. “And they dare to call us savages. At least we leave in the morning.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress smiles remorsefully. “But not alone. I’m not sure how much I can be of use to you on the trip. I doubt they’ll let me have a bow.”
Araatris: Rhese nods. “At least you have your daggers. And Vorok will be with us. The little crossbow is still on his saddle if things really go sideways.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse yawns again. “Of course. Oh, did I toss and turn the other night? Leo said I should let you sleep. I can take the ground if you want.”
Araatris: He blushes a bit, running his hand through his black hair. “No. Leo was just… being his usual mouthy self. It’s fine if you sleep on the cot.”
Rhoelyn: She shifts inside again. “You can sleep with me again if you like. There’s no sense in sleeping on the ground.” Nysse gestures to the empty half.
Araatris: The druid winces and can’t help but sweep his gaze down her lightly-clad figure. “I… h-haven’t told you about the draenei scouts. And you haven’t-”
Rhoelyn: “Haven’t what? It’s not like I’m going to get undressed for sleep.” She snorts. “And you can talk just as well laying down. Kick off your boots.”
Araatris: Rhese stills, staring at her. “I… it’s… I know you have no idea, but…” He groans and turns away, plopping on the floor to yank off his boots.
Rhoelyn: Nysse sighs and leans over the edge of the cot. “You’re doing it again. You’re saying things that I don’t understand. Did I say something wrong?”
Araatris: He turns, opening his mouth, but at her pose, his eyes widen. Still in his guise, he flushes red, slips to his knees and pushes on her shoulders.
Rhoelyn: Startled, she gasps and falls over easily. “Rhese, what are you-” Nysse stops as he leans over her and reflexively reaches for a hidden dagger.
Araatris: Rhese releases his disguise as he freezes there, his hair tickling her cheek. “Don’t invite me into your bed,” he rumbles softly, watching her.
Rhoelyn: Nyssera stares in guarded confusion, her hand gripping the tiny dagger tightly. She stammers, “I-i didn’t want you to s-sleep on the ground.”
Araatris: “I know. But don’t do it.” He lifts one hand to brush a thumb across the green tattoos on her brow. “You don’t know your appeal. It’s dangerous.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress blushes and trembles as she grasps his hand, but doesn’t pull it away. “How is it d-dangerous? Aren’t I supposed to trust you?”
Araatris: “I’m not a rock, Nysse.” Her hand follows his down her cheek. “In fact, I’m a beast.” Rhese brushes her lips. “Take your pick which kind…”
Rhoelyn: Her voice is shaky. “I’m not scared of beasts. I don’t know why, but I really do trust you.” She releases the dagger. “But you’re not a beast.”
Araatris: The druid’s gaze is intense as he leans closer, muttering, “You don’t know what I am, lovely. And you shouldn’t trust me. I just want… to…”
Rhoelyn: Her heart hammers against her chest as his silver hair falls around her face. “Beast. Wildling. Kaldorei. What does it matter? We’re us.”
Araatris: “We’re supposed to be.” Rhese’s breath is warm on her lips before he kisses her, pressing her back into the cot.
Rhoelyn: Nysse grabs his shirt, blushing furiously as she tugs him closer. After a long minute, she pulls away and mumbles, “I… T-that was my first…”
Araatris: The druid grins tenderly. “We should definitely make sure it’s not your last, then.” He leans down once more, framing her face with his hands.
Rhoelyn: Nervously, she shakes her head. “I feel s-strange.” Nysse shrinks away from him. “Is this supposed to feel natural? Why do I need you so much?”
Araatris: “What does it matter?” He follows her, brushing her hair. “It’s right. We’re supposed to need each other. They think we’re lovers, as it is.”
Rhoelyn: Her eyes go wide. “Lovers?” Nysse’s eyes dart from side to side. “Oh Elune… That’s why you and…” She bites her lip. “Aren’t I to let you sleep?”
Araatris: Rhese stills, his voice soft. “You did invite me to sleep with you, you’ll recall.” His expression is warm, but serious as he leans over her.
Rhoelyn: Nysse hisses, “You knew what I meant.” She hits him in the chest, but there’s a hint of a smile on her lips. “Maybe I should sleep in the stables…”
Araatris: “Why? If it’s a wolf you want in your bed, I can accommodate, too.” The druid’s grin is more playful. Nysse gasps. “T-that’s not what I meant!”
Rhoelyn: She shoves him towards the side and he obliges, but wraps an arm around her waist. She wiggles and softly exclaims, “Y-you’re terrible!”
Araatris: He chuckles and pulls her closer. “Yes, I suppose I am. Days of watching you saunter around in that outfit…” Rhese sighs and lays his head down.
Rhoelyn: Nysse stills and blushes. “How was I supposed to know? I mean, it’s not like I’m the only one dressed like this. I’m just another slave girl here.”
Araatris: “Are there others?” The druid yawns. “I have trouble noticing.” Once more, he tugs her closer. “I think we were supposed to talk about something.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress bites her lip as she finally lays her head down. “Scouts, maybe?” She mutters more softly, “Are we really going to stay like this?”
Araatris: Rhese ignores her muttered question with a purposeful smirk. “Mm. Right, the cryptic friendly blue demon and her grouchy companion.”
Rhoelyn: “Draenei? You were sent after them to prove yourself?” She twists in his arms to look at him better with curious glowing eyes. “What happened?”
Araatris: He frowns a bit. “She… said she was expecting me. She even knew my name and that you’d been hurt. She said… nothing was as it should be.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse purses her lips. “That’s strange. I’ve been feeling odd since we started, but I thought it was just me. Do you think it holds any weight?”
Araatris: Rhese traces lazy circles with his thumb on her side. “I… I do. When we met, I felt like I knew you. I… well, I knew what your kiss tasted like.”
Rhoelyn: “W-what? I mean, I’ve felt strangely comfortable around you, but I definitely haven’t kissed anyone before. There’s no way…,” Nysse rambles.
Araatris: He watches her. “But can you say my kiss isn’t… familiar?” He dares to lean close, again. “That you don’t know half of what I’ll do before I do it?”
Rhoelyn: “No…” Nysse doesn’t stop him as he kisses her again. When they part, she mumbles, “That’s why I was so uncomfortable. I knew I was safe…”
Araatris: Rhese nods, brushing her hair. “It’s not right for two people who met for the first time a few days ago. But it’s right. It’s too right to ignore.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress sighs and closes her eyes, “But how? Did someone affect our memories? Do you think we were… l-lovers before? It’s hard to believe.”
Araatris: “I think… so much feels wrong, Nysse. How much of it is because I hate this war and these people and this life without my sister in it?” He shrugs.
Rhoelyn: Nysse brushes his cheek with her fingers. “I’ll help you look for her after our mission if you’ll let me.” The young woman yawns and rubs her eyes.
Araatris: “Thank you.” He leans forward and steals one more kiss so she can’t see how touched he is by her offer. “We need to go see Aleesa at the Temple.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress snuggles closer into his arms with another toothy yawn. “Aleesa? Is she the draenei?” At his nod, she murmurs, “I don’t know how.”
Araatris: “We’ll have to watch for the opportunity because I don’t know how, yet, either.” He tucks her head under his chin. “But it’s important.”
Rhoelyn: She nods against his chest. “Yes, because I shouldn’t be allowing this. I’ve hurt men for less than you’ve done, but I’m sleepy and… it’s nice.”
Araatris: His chuckle vibrates against her cheek. “Please don’t change your mind when we wake up. That last pommel to the head was enough for me.”
Rhoelyn: “I suppose I can do… that…, surfal.” Her drowsy voice trails off as Rhese looks down at her sleeping form. “And then there’s that…,” He mumbles.

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