WoD Arc – Epilogue

Araatris: As soon as he slides free of the hippogryph, Yami squeals and kicks around in the snow, thrumming with excitement. Rhese chuckles and hops down.
Rhoelyn: Nysse climbs off her own mount and huddles into her cloak. Despite her shivering, she laughs and grins. “You like the snow, don’t you, alei?”
Araatris: “I love the snow!” the boy exclaims, bending down and scooping up an armful to throw in the air. His father laughs and winks. “Takes after me.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress walks over and gives him a quick kiss. “It’s a shame I can’t blame you for the location as well,” she teases. “But it is beautiful.”
Araatris: Rhese smiles and wraps an arm around her, pulling Nysse against his warm side as they let Yami caper. “I think I’ll always love it, here.”
Rhoelyn: “Have you been thinking of moving here?” She leans her head against his shoulder, watching Yami. “I think I could get used to the cold…”
Araatris: Her mate gapes at her, brows going up. “You… do? Dalah’surfal, are you sure about that? You hate being cold.” He pauses and chafes her arms.
Rhoelyn: Nysse blushes. “It’s bearable when you’re with me. I would miss lying in the grass with the wolves every day, but you’re both so happy here.”
Araatris: The druid leans forward, kissing her tenderly. “We’re happy where you are. Family is what makes a place home.” “It is.” A familiar voice intrudes.
Rhoelyn: Drawing back, the huntress smiles at Leothir. “Did Rhoelyn send you to fetch us?” Yami runs to him, hugging him. Leo pats the boy’s back as he nods.
Araatris: The mage smiles before he kneels down, bowing his head to Yami. “Her royal highness, the princess of Iceglen, awaits you, young prince.”
Rhoelyn: Yami straightens and makes a serious expression. “We shouldn’t keep her waiting.” After another moment he giggles and grabs Leo’s hand. “Let’s go!”
Araatris: Leo hops up and turns after the voidling as he tugs him. “Of course!” The two dash off, while Rhese and Nysse follow, breaking into grinning runs.
Rhoelyn: They come up on a cozy home on the outskirts of Everlook. They slip inside the warm and decorated house, filled with the smell of delicious food.
Rhoelyn: The priestess lifts Yami and kisses his cheek while Relare finishes setting the table. “Hello, little light. Did you have a good trip?”
Araatris: The boy smiles and hugs her tight. “Yep! But the hippogryph tried to bite an’da. Again.” She giggles with him, watching Rhese approach.
Rhoelyn: Rhese kisses Rhoe’s cheek. “He hasn’t liked me since the accident.” He smiles ruefully. Nysse removes her winter gear and hangs them by the door.
Araatris: “You have, I hoped, learned your lesson about that, brother.” Yami squirms down and runs over to his mother as Rhoe returns her brother’s kiss.
Rhoelyn: Nysse helps the boy with his cloak and then picks Yami up. Rhese chuckles, “Yes, I have, and I’ve made sure our voidling knows as well.”
Araatris: Cuddled in his mother’s arms, Yami says, “Where’s an’nui?” Nysse smiles and brushes his hair. “He’s on his way, sweetie. He’s bringing min’nai.”
Rhoelyn: Yami’s eyes are wide with excitement. “They can both make it?!” The huntress smiles tenderly. “Yes, they’re both looking forward to seeing you.”
Araatris: “Yay!” He squirms down to do a happy dance, earning laughter from the adults. Then he turns and notices a wrapped object leaning against the wall.
Rhoelyn: Relare chuckles. “Trust a child to find presents in the room.” Leo snorts, “You were always trying to guess what they were before we gave them.”
Araatris: The man grins mischievously. “I was very good at it.” Yami darts over and grabs his hand, dragging him to the wrapped object. “An’nu, what is it?!”
Rhoelyn: Relare ruffles his hair. “You’ll have to wait until after we eat. I don’t dare cross your mother or aunt or they might toss me out in the snow.”
Araatris: Nysse comes over to shoo them both away. “We would do it, too. Besides, you need to w-” A knock at the door interrupts, and Rhese opens it.
Rhoelyn: Sarren and Celara step inside. Her father grins. “I hope we’re not late.” Nysse smiles and shakes her head, “Of course not! We were waiting.”
Araatris: Rhoelyn steps forward and presses their hands before taking their cloaks. “Welcome to our home,” she says warmly, waving them in. Leo smiles.
Rhoelyn: Celara smiles. “Thank you.” Yami runs up, jumping in front of them. “You came!” The woman kneels and hugs him. “Of course we did, little star.”
Araatris: As the boy drags his grandparents off to see the mystery wrapped in colorful cloth against the wall, Rhoe takes Rhese’s arm, quietly demanding.
Rhoelyn: They walk to one side of the home, and the priestess whispers softly to him. She hands him a few dishes of food as she waits for his answer.
Araatris: “You fret too much, sis.” The druid speaks softly, kissing her cheek before setting the food on the table. “They’re family.” She’s happily tearful.
Rhoelyn: Relare laughs. “Yami, you’re supposed to guess!” He joins them. “I’m Relare.” Sarren takes the offered hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”
Araatris: Leo eyes Celara warily, but steps up behind his brother. “Isn’t this just cozy?” Yami chatters at his grandmother excitedly under Nysse’s smile.
Rhoelyn: The woman relents as Yami pulls her to Leo. “And this is Leothir. He’s min’nu’s mate. That makes him my… my… an’nu!” Leo holds out his hand.
Araatris: The sentinel eyes the blood elf, but her hostility dissolves after a glance at Yami’s trusting smile. “Leothir Duskfall,” he says, clasping her hand.
Rhoelyn: “I must admit that I was a little concerned, but I see that I had nothing to fear.” She smiles. “I’m Celara Whispersong. I’m happy to meet you.”
Araatris: As talkative Leo strikes up a chattering conversation to rival Yami’s, Rhese catches Nysse’s eye and grabs his and Rhoe’s cloaks on the way outside.
Rhoelyn: She nods at them before turning back to Relare. Outside, Rhese and Rhoelyn walk a short ways. “He did say he was coming, didn’t he?” Rhoe confirms.
Araatris: “Yes. He promised he’d be here,” Rhese says, tucking her hand in the crook of his arm. “You’re not going to cry again when he arrives, are you?”
Rhoelyn: She wipes at her eyes with her other sleeve. “It’s just that we’ve never had… this before. And having Verune would be…” The priestess sniffles.
Araatris: Her brother pauses and wraps her in his arms. “You are such a crybaby.” “I know,” she mutters thickly against his cloak. “But it’s so wonderful.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese kisses her head and hugs her tighter. “It’s hard to believe and every time we turn our family is growing, but I’m always here for you, Rhoe.”
Araatris: “I’m too transparent to you, brother.” He smirks and sighs. “Yes, you are. You’re still half afraid. You get that look in your eyes, sometimes.”
Rhoelyn: “Do you want us to move here? She offered earlier today. I think she worries about us being so far apart.” Rhese brushes Rhoe’s hair back.
Araatris: The priestess pulls back, blinking up at him with wide eyes. “She… she did? But Nysse hates being cold.” Her brother chuckles. “That’s what I said.”
Rhoelyn: “We know this has been a big change. That Nysse is willing to be cold…” He grins and wipes her cheeks. “Shows how much she cares for us.”
Araatris: Rhoelyn nods and smiles warmly, brushing at the rest of the tears herself. “She really is the best, Rhese. After Yami’s party, we can discuss it.”
Rhoelyn: Rhese nods. “We should check on Papa Bear. He is running late-” A familiar voice grumps. “I’m here. I’m here.” The night elf strides up to them.
Araatris: Verune grimaces, shying back at Rhoe’s dark nose and slightly puffy eyes. “Cub! Are you making your sister cry, again?” Rhese groans.
Rhoelyn: The priestess waves her hands and shakes her head frantically. “It’s not that. I’m just a little overwhelmed. Our tiny family has gotten so… big.”
Araatris: The elder druid blinks, looking between them. “Ah,” he says. “So it has. Isn’t that a reason for smiles, rather than tears?” Rhese smirks.
Rhoelyn: Rhoelyn smiles. “Yes, so my brother has been convincing me.” Verune rests a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t overthink it, either of you, enjoy it.”
Araatris: “Yes, Verune.” The priestess smiles softly, claiming his hand and holding on to it. “Come, let us get you out of the cold. Yami’s party awaits.”
Rhoelyn: Verune chuckles. “Probably for the best. The gifts Morthis and the others sent are getting heavy.” He lets Rhoelyn guide him into the home.
Araatris: When the trio slips into the warm house, Yami manages a respectful bow before tossing himself at his former teacher. Nysse follows, smiling.
Rhoelyn: “It’s good to see you. Yami’s missed you.” Nysse bows her head at the elder druid, but captures Rhoelyn’s hand and gives it a little squeeze.
Araatris: Verune leans down with a smile and scoops Yami up as Rhese takes their cloaks. Rhoelyn smiles at Nysse warmly before turning to make introductions.
Rhoelyn: They settle at the table. Yami glances at the pile of gifts against the wall. Nysse nudges him and teases, “They won’t disappear while we eat.”
Araatris: A little wide-eyed at the idea, he leans over and whispers to her. “It’s all for me, min’da? That’s so much!” She laughs and kisses his cheek.
Rhoelyn: “It’s all for you. Everyone wants to tell you how much they love you.” She brushes his hair back. “And look! Rhoe cooked all your favorite food!”
Araatris: “To… To tell me how much she loves me, too?” Yami looks at the laden table and his aunt chatting with Celara before turning back to his mother.
Rhoelyn: Nysse nods. “We all love you, Yamiriel Whispersong.” She wraps her arm around him. “Can you feel it?” The huntress smiles at Rhese over his head.
Araatris: The voidling boy smiles back and nods and cuddles against her. “It’s nice, min’da. Like sweetmeats or cake. But it’s not all just for me, either.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress chuckles and asks, “Oh really, little star? Who else is it for then?” Nysse leans down and kisses the top of his head.
Araatris: He looks around the table, his dark eyes distant. “I don’t know how to tell, min’da. It’s big, spread all over. Like an’da’s for shan’do Verune.”
Rhoelyn: “Remember this feeling. This is family, my dearest one. We are both surrounded and a part of all this love.” Nysse looks down at Yami tenderly.
Araatris: As Rhese puts a plate of his favorite foods before him and Rhoe tells a story of mischief he made, Yami smiles up at her. “Family is amazing.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse kisses Yami’s forehead. “Yes, they are. Elune has blessed us with a wonderful family.” Rhese reaches over and hugs them both in response.

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