BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Prologue

Prologue: Called She woke suddenly, calm and still and instantly aware. From the slanting, reddish evening light starting to peek around the thick curtains at the window to the dim embers of the day’s near-dead fire to the chill of perpetual winter trying to creep at her through her thick, furred bedding, it was all […]

Family Ties: Rhese

1/17/2019 Family Ties: Rhese (The Founders: Chapter 1) The forest was dimmer than it should have been, drawn into darkness despite the shining late afternoon sun by the soul-sick spellwork that permeated the tall, old trees and sickened the wildlife with an energy full of rage and death and decay. As the silver saber stalked […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Sun The day of their departure came too soon, and Leothir sighed to himself as he directed the porters in loading the last few wagons of supplies. Off to the side, his brother gleamed in golden plate, his regalia shined and ready to inspire as he directed the Duskfall troops called in from […]