WoD Companion Story: Lost – Epilogue

Epilogue: Lost “A blanket, brother,” the priestess said, her tone as gentle as always and her smile warm as she handed him the soft, folded length of padded windwool. “And you are certain you have enough pillows? I cou-” Relare chuckled and interrupted her, holding up a hand. “You’re fussing, again. I’m very comfortable on […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Path to Reality’s End Rhoelyn headed back toward their camp at a run, her bare feet silent in the grass and her sleeping gown, moist with morning dew, gripping her ankles with each stride. She was no athlete like her beloved brother, always slower and less agile, but she was forest-born and […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Bittersweet Rhoelyn watched the portal wash over the carriage, the corona of blue and silver energy swallowing the ornate conveyance one avian step at a time as the hawkstrider team pulled them along. Behind them shone the blue skies of a lovely, sunny Quel’thalas day. Ahead were the slightly teal hues of the […]