Character Dictionary

This is a list of the characters in various stories listed in alphabetical order in the arc (short stories are listed after) that they first appear in. Please be careful looking ahead as spoilers may be present in the character descriptions. Main Characters Nyssera ‘Nysse’ Whispersong (Female Night Elf Huntress): A quiet, young, green-haired huntress […]

Language Reference

In order to add an extra depth to our characters, we like to add in words in their natural language, Darnassian. Since there’s not a lot of information regarding the language, we use a combination of known, speculated, and personally created words to supplement our stories. Many of the words that we use are covered […]


Iconic Nysse / Rhese / Rhoelyn (Burning Crusade Arc)     Winter Gear Nysse / Rhese (1st half  of Wrath of the Lich King Arc)   Winter Gear Nysse / Rhese (2nd half of Wrath of the Lich King Arc)   Castaway Nysse / Rhese (1st half of Cataclysm Arc)   Throne of Tides Nysse / […]