BfA Arc – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Sun and Gold **Araatris:** By the time they reach the shade of a low, crumbled wall that juts up out of the sand, they are all hot and thirsty. Rel lays his burden down gently. **Rhoelyn:** He hovers a glowing hand over her. “She’s stable. Verune, do you need help first?” The druid […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Diminishing Returns **Rhoelyn:** Nysse hovers with the cup of tea. “Sister, if you won’t eat any more, would you please drink this?” She looks at the half empty bowl of stew. **Araatris:** Rhoelyn looks between her sister and the mug, at first with an increasingly-common confusion. She blinks and grins softly. “Yes. Tea.” […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Assault **Rhoelyn:** The shout is their first warning. The group surges into motion from a dead sleep. Nysse summons the rejuvenated Korran and grabs her weapons. **Araatris:** Executor Carling curses under his breath and shoves Bendric off of him. “So much for our element of surprise.” Ki’ilikai barks, “Get’n place.” **Rhoelyn:** They spread […]