Burning Reflection

2/27/2019 Burning Reflection (The Founders: Chapter 3) In the perpetual twilight of Elune’s rage, Bashal’Aran loomed like a thunderstorm, the hastily-built buildings and lumbering Ancients growing in the devastated forest’s place and bristling with power and determined activity and hunger. Sitting upon a severed tree stump atop the embankment beside the silvery-blue lagoon at its […]

Old Bones

2/1/2019 Old Bones (The Founders: Chapter 3) Mirra curled against his chest, the rambunctious baby finally tuckered out and napping nearly an hour late while her brother sniffled on the other side of his father’s sling, tucked as comfortably against the druid’s warm chest as his sister, but made twice as grumpy by her long […]

Family Ties: Rhese

1/17/2019 Family Ties: Rhese (The Founders: Chapter 1) The forest was dimmer than it should have been, drawn into darkness despite the shining late afternoon sun by the soul-sick spellwork that permeated the tall, old trees and sickened the wildlife with an energy full of rage and death and decay. As the silver saber stalked […]